Tuesday, December 9, 2014

IL to KY: BIG NEWS! RE: Tulip the mix breed dog

There has been a transition for Tulip and it is a GOOD one. Thanks to her Illinois champion, Tulip is now with a new rescuer in Kentucky who has taken her to a vet where it was discovered she has ear infections. They will be dealt with! Thank you to all who are following Tulip's story. She has a new contact, Rescuer Carmi Rockwell, and hopefully a great future with more happy developments. There is a video in this post from Carmi:

11/23 POST
Tulip is still available. To inquire, contact Christine at roper_c@live.com.
11/17 POST
Tulip the mix breed dog has her own Facebook page now! Click HERE - and she has a VIDEO on YouTube.

Contact Volunteer Christine Ferrara Roper at roper_c@live.com.

Maybe Tulip is a Labbe (Labrador/Beagle)?
See http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/labbe.htm
Christine Ferrara Roper says, "Tulip is so amazing, please someone step up for Tulip, or if you aren't able to, take a moment to press SHARE, as someone may see her photo and fall in love with her...what a wonderful Thanksgiving it would be, if Tulip could find a family of her own. Please inbox me if interested. If I find someone local, I'd more than willing to dog sit for Tulip when needed."
11/13 POST
Here it is November and Tulip still needs a forever home - or at least a foster home. She is not fond of boarding, and it has been a long time. Finding her adoptive home means another dog can be saved from death row.
10/20/14 POST
Tulip needs a foster or forever as soon as possible because kennel life is not her cup of tea. She is bored in boarding! She is a loving 3-year-old, female mixed breed dog who is NOT in danger but craves her own home, love, and exercise!
Contact Volunteer Christine Ferrara Roper at roper_c@live.com (live.com)