Friday, October 17, 2014

Casa Grande (Pinal County) AZ: Beyond urgent. 3 young GSD mixes reprieved from kill list this morning. Sweet healthy Buddy, Donnie and Junior were a Veteran's dogs. A 4th dog was killed.

Li Ha wrote 10/17:
Buddy Donnie, Junior, all very sweet dogs, no doggy colds good with people and other dogs.... given a LAST reprieve off this ams kill list. Yes they are at Pinal. Reaching out desperately as the starving veteran that asked for help from an organization had them turned in to the shelter. All are very good dogs. They will be on the next list this Tues, or Wed. to die. Is there anyway you can share, help, I will most definitely donate well if these dogs can be saved. Two of the three have been kenneled together the last months, the other was kenneled with the fourth dog that came in who was killed for room( This is very urgent. If need be they are good dogs and CAN be split up!

Donnie's FB photo/thread:

Buddy's Facebook photo/thread:

Junior's FB photo/thread:

Junior - ID is A156375
Buddy - ID is A156376
Donnie - ID is A156377

All are German Shepherd mix, surrendered by a US Veteran that could no longer care for them. They are male, about 18 months old, young, rambunctious and need to learn some manners. They are friendly and good with other dogs. Unknown on cats. They lived outside and need to learn how to enjoy inside life. 

If you have a question please feel free to email BUT HELP US PROCESS MORE EFFICIENTLY BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS!!


Click on the link below:

You can contact the shelter directly at:
Pinal County Animal Control
1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd
Casa Grande, AZ 85122