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Chicago, IL - Senior Citizen Admitted to Hospital, House to Be Demolished, FIV+ Cats Need OUT!

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Date: Oct 14, 2014 2:23 PM
Subject: Chicago, IL - Senior Citizen Admitted to Hospital, House to Be Demolished, FIV+ Cats Need OUT!

Dear Friends of Petraits,                    October 14, 2014   
Four months ago, I posted about a well-intentioned 80-year-old woman who collected two dozen cats in her Chicago apartment. A developer had purchased the building and she was supposed to find a new place to live, and keep only a few cats while we tried to find homes for the rest.

Well ... most of those cats have already found homes, and her time to move out was near. Sadly, she was taken to the hospital last night and she may never come home.

The remaining cats need a safe place to go or they will sadly be dropped off at Chicago Animal Care and Control. The developer has been very patient with the woman over the last four months, but now that she's gone, he's ready to step in and demolish the building.

Lets help these poor cats find rescue before they are taken to the CACC facility. All the cats are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped and have all tested positive for the FIV virus. The FIV virus cannot spread to dogs or people, and is not transmitted to other non-aggressive cats through casual contact.

These six cats are cat-friendly after living in such close proximity to so many other cats. Their ages range from one to eight years. And, they also vary in color and personality. Of the cats I met and photographed, they may have been shy, but I didn't hear one hiss or growl.

Aiyisa is a sweet five-year-old, black cat with golden eyes and a tiny patch of white on her chest.

Navi is a 10-year-old male, tuxedo tabby with golden eyes and a calm, gentle disposition. He likes to be loved and pet.


Tiko is a one-year-old male mackeral tabby with magnificent markings. 


Tippy is a sweet and shy, one-year-old, golden-eyed grey and white female cat who just loves to be loved.   

Titi is an eight-year-old, male, golden-eyed solid grey cat who loves to have his cheeks scratch. Titi fathered numerous litters before he was neutered in September.

The cats need to find fosters, adopters or rescue before the house is demolished. The utilities have already been shut off and it's just a matter of time before the developer moves ahead with his project. To meet and possibly help one or two, please contact Liz the
Tree House Community Cats Program Manager at or 773-798-9250. They are currently living in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.   

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