Sunday, October 5, 2014

FL panhandle?: Urgent! Owner moving mid Oct! 3 neutered & one spayed purebred Persians + one spayed Tortie Point Himalayan, all 11 years old & front declawed

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Sat Oct 4, 2014 5:55 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

CROSS-POSTING ONLY - Please contact Nancy directly if you can help. Contact information: npompier@ hotmail. com (remove spaces) or call 850 564 -1129.

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South received this request last night. Fancy Feline Rescue is has no intake space available and are unable to provide assistance to Nancy at this time. Please network with your contacts to see if there is anyone who may be able to help Nancy with these deserving seniors.

"Hello, My name is Nancy Pompier and I am trying to find somewhere that I can bring my cats before I have to move. I would have contacted you earlier but I just found your website and e-mail address today.

I have four Purebred Persians (three neutered males and one sprayed female) and one sprayed female Tortie Point Himalayan. They are eleven years old and have been declawed on their front paws. I have had them since they were all twelve weeks old. I do not want to give them up but I do not have a choice..

In November of 2013, We had to sell our home thru a Short Sale. Fortunately, when we were looking for a place to rent, we found a home owner that allowed us to keep all of our pets. We had planned to stay here for several years until we could buy our own home again. However; that changed when the home owner received orders to move back to this area and decided to move back into their house. Our lease expires in the middle of October and we have been actively searching for another rental that would allow us to keep our cats.

Because of our physical restrictions, my husband and I are limited to what type of property that we can rent. The places that we can afford and are available now in this area, only allow two pets and we also have two small dogs that are our constant companions. (We are on a limited income and can not afford to move outside this area).

We have searched everywhere for a rescue, animal shelter or humane society that would take our cats . However, they are either at full capacity or refuse to take them because of their age. (they will not take pets over the age of five). I was also informed that if I decided to surrender my cats, to their facilities,they would be immediately euthanized.

We love our cats and we have done almost everything in our power to keep them with us.The thought of them being euthanizing is extremely difficult and heartbreaking for us to accept. They are very sweet, friendly cats who love to be petted and cuddled.

We are willing to travel long distances to give them a second chance to be adopted or fostered by someone who will love them and take care of them.

If you can help me please e-mail me at npompier@ hotmail. com or call 850 564 -1129

Thank you."