Monday, October 27, 2014

Glen Rose Tx: GOOD NEWS! ALL SAFE BUT DOLPHIN NEEDS BOARDING $$$ RE: EU due to SPACE 10/27/14 @ 4 PM- 5 young dogs and 1 older adult

UPDATE-ALL SAFE BUT DOLPHIN NEEDS FOR BOARDING $ - EU due to SPACE 10/27/14 @ 4 PM-Glen Rose Tx- 5 young dogs and 1 older adult

Gayla Geist <>Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 6:54 PM
To: Gayla Geist <>
Dolphin has enough in donations for about 10 days boarding. She does need more in donations to hold her til her rescue can pick her up. so please continue to share her need for funding.
Viking has an adopter! he will go to his home tomorrow.

Patriot was adopted and has gone to his new home.

Cardinal has a rescue

Cowboy, Texan and bronco went to their rescue!

Annie is safe and transport to her adopter in Colorado will be worked on.


CONTACT LIZ TEXT OR CALL 9-9 214-616-6812
GLEN ROSE,TX is a small rural shelter south of Fort Worth, Texas, whose ACO has a dream to turn her shelter from high kill to No Kill and is willing to work hand-in-hand with rescue to make that happen. There are only two animal control employees serving the city of Glen Rose AND the surrounding county. No receptionist. No administrative help. No cleaning help. The ACO and her assistant do it all. The shelter has only 10 dog runs and you can imagine how quickly they fill up. Liz is the Shelter2Rescue liaison for this shelter. Liz does everything she can to facilitate between the shelter and rescue and/or adopters. The ACO could never keep up with calls on her own. Liz can answer questions about the dogs as well as facilitate tagging, transport, vetting, etc.

Rescues should have a 501(c)3 to pull from this shelter. There is no adoption fee at the Glen Rose shelter, but adopters must provide a vet reference and proof of prepay for spay/neuter at their vet if adopting an unaltered animal.Thank you everyone for cross-posting and helping us be the miracle for these dogs in danger.

Link to the Glen Rose Album:

NOKILL Rural FB for UTD status

Location: 1685 North FM 56, Glen Rose, Texas 76043

CONTACT LIZ TEXT OR CALL 9-9 214-616-6812 

SAFE!!! PATRIOT Chi mix 9 months 16 lbs. He is a sweet dog friendly.

SAFE!!! CARDINAL 18 months 40 lbs. She was picked up as a stray. She had recently had puppies but sadly none were ever found. she has patiently shared space and food with other dogs at the shelter. She is very loyal to her person-she loves to follow the shelter staff around the shelter. If they get up and leave the room she follows.
HAS ADOPTER! VIKING 9 months 45 lbs Viking is a fun fella that loves to play and be loved on. He is dog friendly and seems to like kids.

 Heeler mix 6-7 yrs 30 lbs. She is gentle and calm. She is good with non-hyper dogs. Annie needs a loving home.
HAS RESUCE NEEDS MORE DONATIONS-DOLPHIN- LAB COLLIE female 12-18 months 61 lbs. Dolphin is a calm and sweet natured as she looks in her pictures! She is very intelligent and learns things quickly. She sits on command,.

SAFE!!! TEXAN NEUTERED Dachsund mix 10 months 22 lbs. Texan is dog friendly and loves to cuddle. He has little short legs.--
Gayla Geist
Shelter2rescue Coalition Volunteer Foster Mom


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