Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greater Houston TX area: New photos re: Kayla found this sweet little stray puppy girl who is going to be a very special adoption

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Hi everyone,  just a quick update on Autumn Desiree she is doing well she did break with kennel cough last Friday night but is at the vet clinic getting better.  I am now trying to find her a foster home or a permanent adoptive home, as you can see she loves to ride in the car and sleep in the back seat.  Please forward far and wide and put on facebook pages for her, I can be reached at (713) 703-1528 thank you so much.

Kayla Crenshaw 713-703-1528
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On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 8:27 AM, kbcrenshaw <kbcrenshaw@comcast.net> wrote:
Hi friends, I thought you would like to see update photos of  sweet mange girl, her name is "Autumn Desiree".  she was so excited when I got there just wagging her entire body look at the photo when she first discovered her reflection in the window.  She's got such a great personality and is going to make someone a wonderful companion! Thank you all again for all of your care and concern and for the donations that came in yesterday.  You all are part of saving this little girl's life.  I'll keep everyone posted as we progress. 

Kayla &  "Autumn Desiree"
10/20 POST
On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 9:23 AM, kbcrenshaw <kbcrenshaw@comcast.net> wrote:
...donations are allowing me to let her stay at Bear Branch I feel very comfortable with her there so I'm relieved.  I'll keep you posted I'm going to go take more photos of her over in the next few days they said she's already looking much better! oh by the way did I tell you that her official name is "Desiree"?
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Please share with all of your contacts and please put on facebook. I need to get this girl adopted and could really use some help getting her story out there, also as of Monday I need to move her from the vet clinic that she's at to another vet clinic, I can't afford to continue to pay $15 a night, does anyone have a vet clinic they can refer me to that will let me pay $10 or less a night? I can only continue to do this for about another week my money is running out. this sweet girl only has demodex mange so she does not need isolation but she does need to be at a vet clinic for another week while she continues her treatment. please forward far and wide thank you. I can be reached at the number below or through email. 
Kayla Crenshaw 
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On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 11:32 AM, kbcrenshaw <kbcrenshaw@comcast.net> wrote:
Hi Liz, I found this sweet little puppy girl 2 days ago while I was out Pet Sitting, can you even believe?  She obviously was dumped in a very nice neighborhood. She's out of harm's way now and at my vet clinic getting treated for demodex mange.  She is the sweetest little thing ever!  Despite the obvious horrendous neglect, her spirit has not been broken! She is full of love and joy and just loves to give and receive affection.  She is a beautiful soul of a dog once her hair grows out she's going to be even lovelier.  She is going to have orangish brown and black coat possibly medium length.  The doctors think she's four to five months old.  Would you mind posting this for me?  She is going to need a very very special home because that's what she deserves...she is in Spring, Texas and I can be reached at the number below, thank you so much!!!
Kayla Crenshaw 713-703-1528

Kayla also said, if a rescue can step up to take her that would be fantastic or of course if there's a potential adopter out there who will just love this girl and nurse her to health and adopt her permanently, that would be absolutely fantastic!!! Kayla is definitely qualified to screen people so if anybody does call wanting to adopt her they will have to go through her adoption process of course.

Donations are welcome; if you want to make a donation, email Kayla and then she will put you in contact with the vet clinic since she wants to moderate if there is a stampede of donors :-)

Kayla will be picking her up on Monday from the vet clinic and will be her foster/adoption representative, however if there is a very reputable group that can take her on she would certainly be okay with that. They would have to be someone that she truly trusted.  Kayla says "this is going to be a special adoption but she will stay with me until the right home or rescue group comes along."