Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Houston TX: 11/5 UNSPAYED KITTY STILL NEEDS RESCUE RE: Please rush to rescue! Craigslist ad. Gorgeous Sweet Young Cat

The original poster gave me permission to update the post with the following which she wrote today. Please rescue this kitty and get her vetted and placed ASAP if you can. You can still contact her via the Craigslist email address:

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 8:15 AM, craigslist 4715177378 <> wrote:
...we still have her.  We now put her in the garage at night when we can with a litter box and bed to keep her a little warmer and safer and try and lessen the chances of her getting pregnant.  Thanks so much for helping us out.  

10/26 POST 
As of today 10/26, kitty is still in need of rescue.

POSTED 10/23

Following is how the Craigslist ad reads:


Weirdly adorable young cat

I hate cats. I have numerous justifiable reasons for hating cats which I will spare you from having to read today. The other day, the kids excitedly told me that some stupid little thing had jumped off the roof and was now in our backyard. I looked outside to see a little cat that looks like a crazy mix between an orange tabby and a black cat. It constantly meowed and every time it did it looked angry. Against my better judgement I went outside and fed it, gave it water. Now it thinks it belongs here. It is extremely sweet and friendly, something I thought cats weren't capable of. My husband bought a big bag of cat food for it, even though I told him that if he loved me he wouldn't. Nice. It stays outside, it gets cold at night and it seems to have to battle some animal on a regular basis. Please adopt this weirdly adorable and super sweet cat. I will forever be grateful to you. It will be forever grateful to you. It's free. Plus you get a big bag of Kit and Oodles (or whatever they call that cat food that has the psychotic looking cat on the front) that is evidence of the lack of love my husband has for me.

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