Monday, October 20, 2014

Lithia Springs GA: Disabled Vet Asking for Help!

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Date: Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 3:46 PM
Subject: Lithia Springs. GA - Disabled Vet Asking for Help!
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   cell 404-213-3472
     Please read Niame's story:    
Niame is originally from Turkey (raised in Germany) and always wanted to come to America.  She was able to realize her dream in the early 80s when she settled in FL and joined the Army. Unfortunately, the dream did not last. During her first parachute jump 17 years ago at the Ft. Benning Airborne School, she fell wrong and severely injured her spine. As a result and over the years, the injury led to her now being 100% disabled
In addition to this, she suffers from PTSD, panic attacks, social isolation, and borderline agoraphobia, resulting from a traumatic event that occurred while she was enlisted. Her  beloved kitties have helped her cope with her condition. They are "wonderful, loving sweethearts" who love to talk and love to go to bed and snuggle with her.
But she has gotten to the point where she really cannot take care of herself anymore -- physically or financially. She struggles to afford the food and the monthly flea medicine, and lives in fear of needing vet care for any of them. But more importantly, she just can't physically do it anymore. Niame has been alone since losing her fiancĂ© last April when his car overheated and he was struck and killed by a truck when he was pulled over on the side of the road.
To illustrate how isolated she has become, while she was talking to me, someone rang her door bell and she had to go. When she called back, she told me that it was employees from the local gas/convenience station come to check on her because they had not seen her in several days. She had not left her home in days because of the panic attacks brought on by her last visit to the Veteran's Administration. Going out is a real ordeal for her.
Because of her PTSD, Niame is extremely anxious about the welfare of her cats, and agonizes about them being caged. She is willing to let them stay with her in a temp foster situation, if a rescue would be willing to try and get them adopted for her, but because of her condition, she would not be able to bring them to weekend adoption events, however. I asked her how long she can hold on and she said "as long as it takes". If it would be easier to adopt them out from a rescue facility, then of course, that would be what she would do. She just needs to do something she says.
Please help her if you can!
See pictures and descriptions  below: photo 83bda525-fc42-4127-ac82-09bd2e097087_zpsd14b0fac.jpg
 photo 4c6c98a0-6d4c-4d31-92a4-0ade83117cab_zpse4e1f8e0.jpg
Niame's descriptions of her 7 kitties:
Angelina and Kara are 6 yrs old,  spayed, and vaccinated. Both girls lived by the big garbage dumpster at the apartment where I lived. The kids in that place were unsupervised monsters who would abuse the cats to no end and Kara has never recovered from it. Both are very sweet but Angelina is more outgoing.

Maxine (Max) is 6 yrs old, spayed and vaccinated. She was found in the woods screaming hear head off from hunger and trauma. I was only to keep her one week but the man I was keeping her for believed cats belonged in cages at least for 20 days in an new environment. Max would not have it. After her paws were bloodied and her nails all broken from trying to get out of the cage, I took her out. She was so grateful, slept with me all night and would not leave my sight. When the man came back he got angry at me and we got into it. I kicked him out and kept Max. She is what I call a "Moxie". She is very vocal. She will tell you right away if she does not like something!

Baby is five years old, neutered and vaccinated. He was abandoned as a kitten in the shrubbery in front of my Ex's house and would have died from the heat and dehydration if he had not been found because it was August and 105 degrees outside, with no one in sight, and not even noon yet.  He should be named ",gentle giant" because that is what he is with his 12lbs. When I come back from anywhere he will report to me and I listen and tell him what a good job he did and pet him and he loves it.

Next are Morris and Sari (Sari means Gold in Turkish), both 2 yrs old, fixed and vaccinated. I got them as tiny kittens after they were found next to the body of their dead mother. The people who found them were feeding them Carnation milk and were not wiling to buy them kitten replacement. So I ended up with them. They are both wonderful. Morris is a menace while Sari is quiet. Sari likes to find a nice corner and sleep but Morris is always into something but when he gets tired, he  to me and literally sleeps in my arms.

Last but not least: Penny (for her copper highlights) is 1 yr old  and fixed. My fiancĂ©e was at home while I was out and the subdivision children had found her during winter when we had really bad, cold weather. He told me that she was hungry, shivering and scared and he kept her. She is adorable, goofy, can play 24/7. She is terrorizing everybody, including me. She bounces off the walls and tries to play with all her siblings and tries to get treats from me by acting all innocent.
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