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NW Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: 7 Cats on CL to be euthed unless rescued or adopted

Original poster added this to her CL ad:
An update of good news :) A wonderful rescue group FCAP intervened today and helped us find a place for these 7 cats. And they have also arranged to have them spayed/neutered and their shots. A dream come true for us that we never thought would happen. Please if any of you love animals and want to help please volunteer and help cats like this with TNR or if you have some money you want to put to good use please donate to:
This group has literally changed our lives and gave these cats their lives back, because they would have been euthanized. If you find yourself in a situation like ours don't give up - their are incredible people out there who will help. Just keep looking. I can't believe all the great people that responded and showed so much concern. Thank you to all of you! You turned my world right side up again.

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Please contact the CL posted directly thru the ad if you can help or have advice but pls read the plea first...(at bottom). Sad situation and sounds like she has no where to turn. 

 7 cats to be euthanized 

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An added note to this plea. I am looking for help from a rescue shelter or rescue group. If you can't help please don't email me criticizing me or asking questions that don't pertain to you getting involved to help. We are in the middle of moving and I am unable to answer emails that don't directly relate to this problem. I am sorry if we haven't done everything to your liking. We did the best we could with what we knew how to and with the money we had. Now these cats need a home and that is the only thing we are concerned about. So I will not be responding to any negative emails or any emails that don't pertain to this problem.

We have been feeding and sheltering 7 cats for about 2-3 yrs and finding homes for all the kittens they keep having. My husband is on disability and is already going without one of his medications because of the money we keep spending on them. Now the landlord is moving back in and we have to move out. Our new landlord won't allow anymore cats except the 4 rescue ones we have inside already. We were only able to get four of the inside ones spayed due to our limited funds. We have been trying everywhere to find someone to take them. Only one is tame. The others aren't really feral just stray and come up to you when you feed them but are very shy if you try to pet them. So they pretty much just stay to themselves. I have advertised them on craigslist, contacted different rescue groups and the spca but they are all full up. I have left pictures and ads on our mailboxes in our neighborhood. I have reached the end of the line for them. It is heartbreaking that they will be euthanized if we have to call animal control this week. We can't afford to take them to the Humane Society as they want $35 a cat. Is there any rescue group out there that could take them or even a few of them??? Please..... One of the cats is very tame. His name is Jeepers and is a real sweetheart. He is the white and black one in these pictures. He could easily fit into someone's home. We just can't find anyone no matter how many times we advertise him on craigslist for the last 2 yrs. He is very lovable. The kittens in the photos have been adopted out. We have found homes for about 30 over the last 3 yrs. Thank you for any help anyone
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