Tuesday, October 14, 2014

nyc: 3 Mommas & Their Nursing Babies at BACC!

From: "Gregg Mayer" <wellbeings77@macgreggor.com>
Date: Oct 13, 2014 1:51 PM
Subject: nyc: 3 Mommas & Their Nursing Babies at BACC!
To: "All Sentient Beings (All Sentient Beings)" <wellbeings77@gmail.com>

Rozay A1017244, 3 yr female Torbie, & her 3 kittens A1017247, 46, 45 (6 week olds):
Green behavior
Female..lactating nusing A1017245, 246 and 247
Tolerates all handling
Mild tartar and gingivitis

Russia A1016980, 5 yr. female Russian Blue, & her kitten Persia A1016981, 9 week old:
scan negative
female, ~5years
hissing and striking
sedated 0.1ml telazol
BCS 3/5
missing mandibular incisors. dental disease. gingivitis. severe tartar
scabs all over back
gave 150ml LRS SQ
fiv/felv test negative

Chello A1016465– 1 yr. Black / White DSH – 5.6 lbs. – Stray – Female & kitten Bass A1016467 (5 week old): 

Initial Exam: Red
Scanned negative
Intact, lactating female with kitten, approx 1 yr old
applied activyl
fractious, hissing, sedated for exam with telazol 0.1mL IM.
felv/fiv test negative
Mother with kitten
A1016467 and A1016465

Reaction to assessor:  hisses, growls at me (3)
When spoken quietly:  hisses, growls at me (3)
Reaction to door cage opening:  become stiff, alert, continues to hiss (3)
Reaction to touch:  hisses, growls, charges, does not allows petting at all (5)
Reaction to toy or novel object:  hisses, swats, and tries to bite (4)
Try picking cat up: did not attempt to pick Chello up, fractious behavior.

Notes: Chello was brought to the shelter as a stray and at the time of the assessment she was displaying behaviors that preclude placement in the adoptions room and may require further investigation before placement in a home. He/she has tried to swat / scratch / bite / is extremely fearful in the shelter environment and does not currently tolerate petting or handling. The behavior department feels that placement with a New Hope Partner is the best option at this time.