Thursday, October 16, 2014

NYC: Update re: Jack & Jill, two Tuxedo kittens need homes. Mom was thrown out & had babies the night the neighbor caught her

 Sarah said ~10/13/14 she "might have someone to take both or someone willing to take just one"
Seen at Reddit RescueCats. Please go to to see the thread and contact Tribute911
Contact Sarah: 212.422.3520x126

Tribute911 wrote that they are still in need of placement:
NYC: Jack & Jill need a home. They're <3mo old, healthy with all shots. Mom was thrown out because she was pregnant and had these two the night she was caught by a neighbor. They're the only two of their litter and love to play. Socialized with both humans and older cats.
Tribute911 wrote: My boss captured mom but he can't fit 3 more cats in his already full house of rescues. He's keeping mom but really needs to find a home for the kittens ASAP. We can help a bit with supplies and possibly deliver them if necessary.
If you know of a shelter that still has space, please let us know as well. So far the only places that will take them are kill shelters that will euthanize upon entry since they're overfull (all no-kill we've talked to are also filled)