Sunday, November 2, 2014

NYC: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent! Nala is a Purebred Persian who was "returned" to Manhattan pound A0897159

Nala is in the SAFE album of Urgent Cats Manhattan on Facebook. Yay! I don't know where she went, but happy for her!
10/30 POST
Nala is still showing in the Urgents Facebook album for Manhattan at BUT WHEN I LOOK ON PETHARBOR I get Sorry! This animal is no longer in our online database. Please check with the shelter to see about its availability. 
There is a Facebook Urgent Pets on Death Row photo/thread for Nala here:

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Contact if you can foster or adopt. Please do not reply to the yahoo groups thank you.

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Beautiful Nala is ready for her forever home!! Nala's owner stated that she was calm and affectionate, even enjoying bathes! Nala is a beautiful Persian mix!! She's been nervous and tense in the care center, but is pending her behavior. Please pull Nala from MACC!!


scan positive 985121009991155
ears- wnl
flea comb negative- treated with frontline spray
aggressive during exam



Basic Information:
Nala is a 4 year old Persian cat. She has allergies and breaks out when eating certain food.

Social Life and Personality:
Nala has been around children and is relaxed, affectionate, and gentle during play. Nala has lived with another cat and is relaxed, affectionate, and gentle during play with the other cat. She has been around dogs and is relaxed and affectionate with them. Nala is not litter box trained and the previous owner has tried multiple things to help Nala. She has changed types of litter boxes and types of cat litter, but Nala is still urinating and defecating outside the litter box. It is possible that Nala does not like to use the same litter as another cat. She has a medium activity level.

Behavior Issues:
Nala has never bitten or scratched anyone or any animal before. She is not bothered when she is given a bath (and at times enjoys it) or when coat is brushed. She is friendly when picked up and held and placed ina  carrier. She will not go inside the litter box, having daily accidents outside. She has been taken to the vet for it and there seems to be no medical reasoning for it.

New Family Info:
Nala is sued to all kinds of litter because owner tried to see if a different kind fo litter would correct the litter box issue. She has also been given a hooded and unhooded box but still would not use it. She plays with ball and wand toys and uses carboard boxes as scratching posts. She will sit on owner when at home and is gentle when playing. She is used to both wet and dry food but was told to have C&D becuase she tend to have allergic reactions to some foods.

Intake Behavior:
During intake was very friendly, approaching admission counselor. Allowed to eb scanned,c ollared, pictured,a nd transferred without issue.