Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pine Lake GA: Urgent! Posting again! RE: Rescue/Adoption needed for TWO ABANDONED CATS! Owner moved away and left them!

Abandonment is a crime in most states. Please may there be a home for these two deserted kitties.

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UPDATE from Kristina:
Hi everyone,
I have an update on our cat I'm calling miracle. I was able to get him to the vet yesterday for a thorough wellness exam with tests for feline leukemia, AIDS, and heartworm. I'm happy to say that he tested negative for all and is in great health. 
Please feel free to pass on this information to everyone you know. I really appreciate your support so much.
10/15 POST
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Date: Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 6:36 PM
Subject: Pine Lake, GA - Owner moved away and left them!
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This is one of the abandoned cats. He is in great health. Kristina calls him "Miracle."
Message from Kristina:
Miracle, my prayer name for him, has been hanging around the neighborhood in Pine Lake since the first of June. One neighbor I talked to said that he and a gray cat belonged to a woman that lived on their street. Evidently, she moved away and left them behind. 
He's been neutered, is maybe 3-4 years old, and is very friendly (see video clip below) and healthy. People sometimes leave kibble in a little plastic bowl for him, and one neighbor (who lives along the row of houses where he used to live with his owner), says he comes often to visit her on her porch. She wants to help, but can't take him inside because she already has two cats, one of whom is elderly and not doing too well.
It's about to start getting cold out, and he and his gray buddy really need somewhere safe and warm. If anyone can take them, please let me know!
Thank you,