Sunday, November 2, 2014

Forest City NC: 11/1 update re: Sad update re: Pls help re More GOOD NEWS---YouCaring! for kitty re: Change of plans. Kitty will go to rescue - which is VERY GOOD NEWS! RE: LOST CAT!

Please view the YouCaring for updates. Sweets is still at the vets; the feeding tube is doing its job and she is doing ok. The YouCaring is at Thanks to all who are helping Sweets.
10/31 update
Larissa reports that Prissy passed away last night and now Sweets is in the hospital for the weekend hooked up to a feeding tube and getting more bloodwork done. The vet asked about euth but rescue said no. I hope Sweets makes it. Please look at the YouCaring.
10/29 POST
Thanks to Barbi Twins Kitties  I see there is a YouCaring now for Sweets and her sibling Prissy both now rescued by No Cats in Cages (501c3):
Please check it out and help if you can!
4pm POST
Hooray! Kitty is going to a rescue organization, so won't be staying with the gal who got her from the pound (and lost her behind the fridge). See Larissa's update she posted 30 minutes ago!
Larissa Tuttle No, a cat rescue is going to pick Sweets up tonight. She will be rehomed, hopefully with a kitty that went to the shelter with her. It turns out there were 4 cats from the same home. Two were adopted and the rescue already has the other one. The other one is really frail and in bad condition, and frightened.
7:30 AM POST
Update. The cat was found. Thanks to all who cared and shared for this poor girl. The adopter found her behind the refrigerator. This would contradict the earlier story she said which was that she locked the cat in the bathroom but the window was open and cat escaped. Regardless, I am glad she is not on the streets. The source for this is a public post 8 hours ago on Facebook by Larissa Tuttle:
Larissa Tuttle Adopter found behind fridge.

10/28/14 POST

Nightmare! HELP FIND "SWEETIE" - she escaped from "adopter"