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Secaucus NJ: TIME RUNNING OUT for 2 beloved Maine Coons who need TEMP foster home - DEADLINE OCT 12

From: Gregg Mayer <>
Date: Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Secaucus, NJ - TIME RUNNING OUT for 2 beloved Maine Coons who need TEMP foster home - DEADLINE OCT 12

SECAUCUS, NJ - TIME IS RUNNING OUT for Two beloved Maine Coons who need a TEMPORARY foster home - DEADLINE OCT 12
Contact Loni.  Loni's contact info is: Phone:  917-846-6286
**  (at yahoo  .com)

Ask Loni for Update Photo of these 2 Maine Coon Cats.

Please email Loni at (at yahoo   .com)
Loni's contact info is: Phone:  917-846-6286, Email:  (at yahoo  .com)

Hello all,
I have sent this plea out to all of you twice now (see below) and no one has stepped up to help Loni with a foster for her cats.  The situation is desperate.  Can you please SHARE again?  Surely there is someone in the New York/New Jersey area that could foster these two much loved Maine Coon kitties while Loni tries to find work and a place to live.  Here is the email I received from Loni this morning:
I have to find temporary housing for my cats now or they will have to go to a shelter. I am in a hotel now and I have no clue as to where I go next as I hardly have any money. Please help because I want to have my cats back when I get on my feet. Elan Lacey Cruz (Loni)
These two are Loni's babies…she loves them so much and they are all she has left.  I am in Texas and have no contacts in the NY/NJ area.  I've known Loni for years and I can't begin to tell you how hard this all is for her.  I don't know who else to contact.  Thanks for anything you can do to help.  
Again, Loni's contact info is: Phone:  917-846-6286, Email:  (at yahoo  .com)

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– they are currently with her "ex" and he cannot be trusted to properly care for them.  Loni is currently unemployed and is staying with a friend in New Jersey, but she cannot bring her beloved cats with her due to her friend's children's allergies. In addition to the original post below, Loni asked that I add her phone number to make it easier to reach her at any time.  Please share widely and help these two beautiful cats find a foster home soon.  Loni is desperately looking for a new job so she can afford a home for her and her cats, but a temporary foster is what they need now.  Thanks for anything you can do. 

Photos are attached.  CC (male) is the orange and white, Zena (female) is the gray and white.
From: Angel Lacey Cruz [mailto:]
I have two Maine Coons that I need to find temporary care for. I am staying at someone's house now and two of their children are allergic to cats. I have an offer for someone to have them temporarily but during some months they allow an outdoor cat into the house. I do not have money so I can not let them go there. I would need to get them up to date on all their vaccinations.I am in Fairlawn , New Jersey. I would like to find a temporary home for them close by so that I could visit them. I will pay for all food and liter. I feed them special food as Zena, the girl, has IBS. I feed them Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice, dry and wet. That is the ONLY food that they can eat. Thank you. Loni