Friday, October 3, 2014

Tucson AZ: Today!? Owner Died - 3 Beloved Dogs being dumped in kill pound Friday 10/3, Vetted

From: "Kelly" <>
Date: Oct 2, 2014 4:32 PM
Subject: Tucson, AZ: $$ Owner Died - Three Beloved Dogs being dumped in kill pound tomorrow, Fri. 3rd, Vetted

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SPONSOR FUNDS: Vickie $25, Debbie $10, Crystal $10, Scott $25 = $70
Martine and the other 2 dogs, 
Gabby and Rene all live indoors and are beloved HOUSE dogsThey have all lived a
regal life up to this point with love, vet care and a home until Raz passed.  Her husband will surrender them to AZ
Humane Society in Tucson on Friday, tomorrow.  He thinks this is a safe place and will not listen otherwise.

Owner passed away
Raz was a rescuer of dogs.  Raz has since passed.  It is her husband who now is unable to keep Raz's rescue dogs.  Sadly, he will take them all to the Humane Society on Friday if not placed.  Theri is his coworker and is trying to help save these dogs and to honor Raz.  These dogs have all been cared for by Raz.

Transportation can be provided.  
From: Theri []
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:33 PM


Martine has a little black on her tongue. She looks like a shep/lab and her coat is short like a lab.  She is social and used to do agility with Raz. Good with Cats, children.  Will walk not needing a leash.  Social with most other dogs.
Raz would volunteer at Pima Animal Shelter bathing dogs. This one she brought home from the shelter. She is microchiped.
From Santa Cruz Vet
F S Shep/Mix, Brown/Blk Rabies, DAPP, INB on 9/5/14 , Age from license = 9 y/o  Approx 50lbs

Gabby was found in the street by some neighbors when she was approx. 8 weeks.  Some members of her dog family apparently got hit by a car.
The neighbors brought Gabby to Raz  because they knew she rescued dogs.

Per her license. Gabby Spray Female AKITA (Has to be mixed) Tan.  Gabby is now
7 y/o,  meaning she was with Raz for 7 years
Her Rabies vaccine expires 10/29/2014,  Approx 50lbs

Gabby is the one I am closest to since I know her since she was a pup. She is good with people and wants to please. She can be a little crabby and is cautious. Great watch dog. Does not bite, but will bark. Good with people and other dogs, probably good with children ( none in the household).  All of these dogs have been around cats and are OK when supervised.  They all want to please their owner. Gabby has excellent potty habits.  She never has had an accident in the house.( Maybe when she was a puppy!!)  Does not dig in yard.

Rene is one of my favorites because he is Happy Go Lucky. Always happy, wants to play. Very attuned to people. About 50lbs. Good with people.
Would be excellent with children. Probably fail sit and stay.
He was living under a Big Brother and Sisters donation trailer on Cardinal and Valencia when Raz rescued him.
From ABC Vet record.
  Rene, Male Shep Mix,  Birthday 6/4/2008   (8 y/o)
  Wellness exam 9/6/14.. DHPP Annual 9/6/14 Bordatella 1 9/6/14 Rabies Canine 3 year due 11/21/16