Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Uniondale NY: 10/21/14-Found Cat Colony No Feeders/No Shelters/ So Skinny/Many Injured From Horrid Neighbors! Urgent Urgent

There are about ten photos at the Facebook post.

Thanks to Barbara Ann Bergstrom for the links both on Oct 16th and 21st, 2014.

Yesterday one of the outside cats came running to the woman who alerted us of the situation so skinny and covered in transmission fluid!!!! so so Hungry :( ..couldnt get the food out of the can fast enough.....

(pic attached ) her skin and fur was slick from the fluid!!!!! the fact that shes so loving she may have been lured by scum and covered in this crap as a joke!!!! before she washed her off got many pictures for the case....she will be going to the vet and the woman is going to foster her till shes feeling better and plumps up....she was only in the house and hour and she threw up onions to! went through garbage or something else???? like the others she is young and so so thin!!!! so many scum over there we are doing our best ...PLEASE keep sharing as we need Fosters and relocations for the outside cats....its getting cold and they cant go back once there vetted & fixed....they need shelter, a food source and not have to be scared of getting hurt....still trying to get a count on how many are still there as we want them all!!!!

Not sure if someone has already reached out, but I along with another trapper is working on Jerusalem ave in Uniondale. Terrible conditions, many sick cats / kittens no shelter and most terrifying they are shooting the cats !!!!! There is a rental house ( 2) houses away from colony with thugs living n packing guns. Received a frantic call last night that two cats were hit.
We need an intervention here. A petite blonde is not gonna talk sense into these thugs.
Here is one of the kittens we took. (Pic attached) His leg is scheduled for amputation next Thursday.
they need to be relocated asap!!!!!! TNR is being done 
I am praying someone can help us here.

URGENT URGENT: We came across a cat colony in Uniondale no Feeder -  no Shelter - Young and Very Very Skinny, we saw about 6 and sadly theres more and tiny babys...Found out from one of the neighbors a tenant put her 2 cats out after she was evicted and the colony grew from there...she had been contacting many shelters and rescues for help and no one would help her!!!! one of the horrid renters throw sticks/rocks/hot water on these poor cats when they see any of them including the 4 week old babys...3 of the babys (attached pics) had wicked colds and are on meds..white/black little boy has a horrible injurey to his paw and may need to be amputated...The Gray/white has a wicked cough so shes on meds for another 5 days before she can get spay...shes friendly and shouldnt be living outside in hell!!!!  its so sad and heartbreaking...the 3 black/white arent more than 6 months old...They cant go back as they have no shelter/feeder/ and are being abused by creeps...doing the best we can and are overwhelmed....fosters are really needed....They are all very very thin and not in good shape at all...:( They are being Trapped and will all be Vetted and Fixed but they need to be relocated can anyone take 1 or 2 cats into your secure colony....continuing to trap to get them fixed and vetted.. Pictures Attached. Thanks so much
PLEASE SHARE - URGENT URGENT They will not survive the winter.......