Friday, October 24, 2014

Vineland, New Jersey: Two Urgent Wonderful Cats- Turkish Angora Domino and Maine Coon Sancho!

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South Jersey:  Please help Domino the Turkish Angora and Sancho the Maine Coon!  Contact

We are working so hard to save both of these lovely cats. Sancho was at risk for euthanasia when he tested positive for FIV.  Domino was fostered and then moved to a pet adoption center at a retailer's.  She cannot stay at the retailers (see below) and we're juggling to make things work for both cats.  Sancho can take Domino's place at the adoption center, but he needs to leave the shelter this weekend, which means we need placement for Domino this weekend!  Please contact me at if you can help either cat.  Both can be adopted or rescued! 

Domino is a one-year old Turkish Angora cat in desperate need if an adoptive home or rescue. Domino spent time in a foster home and is wonderful with cats and good with dogs and a shy (at first) but very sweet and loving cat. Domino went to our adoption center at a retail store and began having issues with the litterbox. In a cage, she urinates on her bed so she cannot stay at the store.  In the foster home she has proven to do well with a clean litter box with clay litter and a clean area around it.  She's a beautiful cat who is spayed and FIV/FeLV negative. 

Sancho is a super handsome and loving Maine Coon cat.  He is about 2 years old and neutered.  He tested positive for FIV.  He can go to the adoption center to be showcased, but we would love to see Sancho in a permanent home if anyone is out there ready to love him.  We could also place him with rescue, as an open spot at the adoption center is in high demand!!  FIV is NOT a death sentence and Sancho has many years of life ahead of him.  We have an expert staff member on this topic and she is happy to share her experiences living and loving an FIV+ cat.  She has him integrated with her cats, which can be successful as long as introductions are done properly!  Sancho does not love dogs, but he is tolerant once adjusted. 

Photos are these gorgeous 2 are attached.  Please share and contact to help!

Maria S.
Foster Care Coordinator
Cumberland County SPCA