Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wharton TX: Can You Please Help Us? Rescuers, Fosters, & Adopters Needed

Date: Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Can You Please Help Us?

Jack says, " Help!! 
For a long time, when someone needed to send a dog here,
Smiling Farms always said 'yes'...
Now Smiling Dog Farms needs YOUR HELP
to send a dog to you!
If everyone -- every rescue we know -- could take just ONE dog,
 we could place 100 dogs -- maybe more --
 right now!
We have closed our intake so we can concentrate on dogs already here.
We MUST reduce our numbers.
Not just for us, but for the sake of the dogs who have been waiting --
patiently waiting -- for a home and family of their own."
Please contact Jay at or 979-559-1062
I will be glad to share photos and information about dogs who are waiting.
Let us know what kind of dog you can take.
We desperately need your help, now,
to place our adoptable dogs in great homes.
Every dog we send to another rescue or adoptive home
will be spayed/neutered, HW- and up to date on all shots.
We will cover the cost of transport.
We just need a place for them to go!
Fosters Needed Too!
Can't adopt yourself?  How about being a foster?
Just keep a dog for a while, until we find a permanent home!
We especially need fosters in New England states,
New York, New Jersey... and Texas...
so prospective adopters could meet our dogs in person!
Contact Melody, our Adoption Coordinator, at
if you can be a foster for us!
She can help you pick just the right dog for you to foster.
If you have already contacted us about taking at least one of our adoptable dogs,
And to our Special Friends who have offered to pay for transporting
dogs to their new homes, THANK YOU!
Your help is appreciated now more than ever.