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Anywhere: petfood advice

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Date: Nov 9, 2014 12:37 PM
Subject: FW: MSG - a good set of info from one of our rescue colleagues....
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Many of you have seen this information from me already.  Probably in bits and pieces.  I tried to consolidate things in here.
And, I know many of you have MANY cats, and cannot afford to feed Premium canned food.  So, where you can - try to apply this info – to whatever brand you're buying.
(And, personally, I would rather feed something like Friskies WITHOUT Carrageenan – than a Premium food with it.)
And, maybe - when you have a sick cat – you could go for the premium just for that one (Check the Labels First!).

The foods I use are not generally Holistic. I usually can't afford those!   But, many are organic, and, all are good quality.  In any case - You must read all ingredients on the back label. 
(Even holistic often has bad ingredients)  You may want to print this out – so you always have it for reference – and – to provide to Adoption Homes.  And, especially, provide it to other rescuers.
1.     ABSOLUTELY AVOID:    CARRAGEENAN and ETHOXYQUIN. These both are KNOWN to cause cancer. Carrageenan is so strongly carcinogenic that it is used in lab animals – to trigger Cancer for testing.  Carrageenan is in MOST canned cat & dog foods (Also in People foods!)  Carrageenan also OFTEN causes damage to the Digestive Tract (Esophagus, Stomach, Intestines) –                         and the Liver & Kidney.  [There is NO SAFE FORM OF CARRAGEENAN.   The supposedly "safe" form – changes to the unsafe form in the stomach.]
2.     FISH    Except occasionally or in very small amounts.  Fish is not a natural food for cats. They cannot digest it well or metabolize it well. So, it causes lots of by-products that have to be cleared out     by the liver and kidneys.  Also – most fish is Radioactive – because most fish comes from the Pacific Ocean. All fish from the Pacific – is radioactive – from the Fukishima Nuclear Accident.  And, most fish in cat food is from FARMED SALMON.  Farmed Salmon is EXTREMELY high in Cancer-Causing chemicals.  (So are other farmed fishes)  Even people are advised not to eat it more than     once or twice A MONTH!
3.     FISH OIL:   This contains very high Iodine. Cats develop Hyperthryroidism easily. The Iodine can contribute to this. Also – Most fish oil is from FARMED SALMON.                                                               For Omega Threes – you can give Krill Oil (I don't know about Iodine content). Or – BUTTER. Butter is good for cats (Unless they're in Liver Failure). Add some to the food (UNSALTED!).                      You can even stick some on Dry Foods.  A good thing to give to cats you're feeding outside – They need the calories.
4.     LIVER:   Unless it's IDENTIFIED as ORGANIC LIVER – OR FROM POULTRY.  Liver holds lots of toxins from the animals it comes from  (Poultry is safer – as they don't live long).                                          If you cook Fresh Chicken Liver – give only 1-2oz in a week (Freeze the rest in small portions).  Liver is VERY high in Vitamins A and D - They are toxic to cats in high quantities. 
I don't feed Fish or Liver to my cats – except as above.  It is CLEAR that this is healthier for their bodies – as they ALL stopped shedding when I began these protocols. Because they don't get                       the bad by-products in their blood (which also cause extra work for the Liver and Kidneys to clear out.  (ESPECIALLY bad for cats with Kidney or Liver problems)
WERUVA and SOULISTIC (Sold only at Petco) are basically good quality – but – most of their formulas have a lot of fish. Soulistic has only 2 formulas without fish - the Chicken Karma, and, the formula with chicken & Pumpkin. (Pumpkin is very good for cats.)  Weruva has only 2-3.
INSTINCT has Chicken, Lamb & Beef Formulas – all with no fish I believe. (Buy the large dog food size to save money. It's the same formula as the cat food version.) Evanger's, too, has several fish-free formulas. (I know that their "Beef it Up" and Chicken Lickin' Dinner - have no fish. And, both are available in 13oz cans.)
You just have to scout through each brand. Go to – or - even if you don't buy from them. They show the ingredient listings for all their pet foods. They both have excellent prices (Much less than retail). And both offer good promotions. 
To give you some examples of what I think are good foods - Below are SOME of the foods I've ordered from - with 15-20% OFF the prices showing – which are already below Retail.          If you sign up for auto-ship – you can Pause it at any time – and – you actually can order whenever you want – and get at least 15% off their already discounted prices anyway. (May be true for too) Although, I think they then stop sending emails with 20% off. Sign up for their emails.  And, you have to remember to put your autoship order on PAUSE – unless you want LOTS of cat food delivered.  (PFD does send notice first – before auto-shipping your order.)
Not all the brands below are great in ALL their formulations. Although, there are additional formulas acceptable in these brands (And others). You have to check all label ingredients. Even many premium brands do add Carrageenan to some formulas. Also – Ethoxyquin.   I think that one of the items below (PRIDE?  PURE VITA??), contains carrageenan.  I missed it when I ordered!  DOUBLE-CHECK all these labels.
I don't use Dry Foods, so I'm not that familiar with them. I've seen Castor & Pollux, which seems very good, and, maybe Wellness (Wellness canned foods are not good!)  Obviously, look for those with real meat in them – not by-products.

Weruva Nine Liver Canned Cat Food    24/5.5-oz cans  (30217620)
Weruva Grandma's Chicken Soup with Chicken & Pumpkin Canned Cat Food    24/5.5-oz cans  (30217618)
Halo Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken & Beef Recipe Canned Cat Food    12/5.5oz cans  (30212528)
Nature's Variety Homestyle from the Prairie Duck and Chicken Stew Canned Cat Food    12/5.5-oz cans  (30240144)
NutriSource Chicken & Rice Formula Canned Cat Food    12/5-oz cans,   (30212535)
Pride by Instinct Champ's Chicken Flaked Recipe Canned Cat Food    12/5.5-oz cans  (30240155)
Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food    12/5-oz cans,   (30212532)
Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken Formula Canned Dog Food    12/13.2-oz cans  (20240118)
PetGuard Chicken and Beef Dinner Canned Cat Food    12/13.2-oz cans  (30275323)
Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken Formula Canned Dog Food    12/13.2-oz cans  (20240118)
PetGuard Premium Feast Dinner For Cats