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Boca Raton FL: "Willow" the dog still in boarding. Lifetime of Sadness, Now Adoptable - Please Read & Share

Willow continues to give all visitors' face sloppy kisses
You can see more about Willow and her rescue organization via Facebook group:
Chesed Dog & Cat Rescue, Boca Raton, FL
Please view the rescue organization's page for Willow at:

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Date: Nov 16, 2014 1:30 PM
Subject: Boca Raton, FL - "Willow" Lifetime of Sadness, Now Adoptable - Please Read & Share!!!!

Bobbi at Chesed Rescue is the contact: Email:       (at, or call: 561-213-5773.

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Boca Raton, FL - "Willow" Lifetime of Sadness, Now Adoptable - Please Read & Share!!!!
11/10/14 UPDATE:  Willow is currently STILL in boarding.  She's fixed, tumor removed, and skin on the mend. A forever home for her would be wonderful but even a foster home would be great to get her out of the kennel environment.  She does get visitors often, but it is not the same as being in a home.  Can anyone help her?
Please don't forget about her just because she is "safe".   

Currently a home with no cats or small dogs would be best for Willow.
*Bobbi at Chesed Rescue is the contact: Email:       (at, or call: 561-213-5773.

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"Willow" Lifetime of Sadness, Now Adoptable - Please Read & Share!!!!
Please circulate for a home...

This is Willow, the dog we spoke about.  Willow was picked up as a stray in Coral Springs.  She was held at the Humane Unit, but an owner never surfaced.  Ten pounds underweight..., the humane officers fed her and encouraged local rescue groups to meet this amazingly sweet dog.  She had clearly been terribly neglected to the point of abuse.  Since no other group was willing to step up for her, we, (Chesed Rescue) decided she deserved a chance.

It was obvious she had never had a comfortable day in her life.  Her skin was infected, missing fur, her teeth were worn down from possibly trying to escape a metal enclosure, eyes and ears infected, covered with parasites and upon examination, a cancerous mammary tumor.  She had obviously been bred repeatedly. Our best guess is she was a puppy producer for a backyard breeder, and was turned out when she stopped producing puppies/income.  Yet, she has a gentle, loving demeanor and bonds easily with those that try to help her.  Willow is a young dog that has had a lifetime of abuse. 

Chesed Rescue has taken care of her medical needs, but she languishes in a cage at a kennel, waiting for someone to offer her what she needs most, a home.  

If you think you can help Willow, please go to: and fill out an application to adopt.

If you just want to help with her medical care, please go though the web-site's PayPal account, or send a donation through the mail.  All contributions are tax deductible and will be used towards Willow's care.