Thursday, November 13, 2014


From: "Gregg Mayer" <>
Date: Nov 13, 2014 1:06 PM
Subject: ny: DECLAWED Gorgeous ABYSSINIAN at BACC -- TIGER!
To: "All Sentient Beings (All Sentient Beings)" <>

Tiger A1020403 – 6 yr. neutered Abyssinian, OS, 12.5 pounds:
Cat Name: Tiger

Reason for surrender: Original owner died and daughter of owner landlord doesn't allow pets.

Relationship: Owned for 8 months taking care of since original owner pass away

People: Tiger lived with adults and children. Tiger is relaxed, affectionate, and respectful around everyone in the household. Tiger loves children because they show him a lot of attention.

Other Animals: Tiger has lived with another cat before in his life time and is relaxed and affectionate around them. He is very gentle towards them as well. Tiger has never been around dogs.

Personality/Habits: Owner stated that Tiger is friendly and likes to be petted. Tiger is very talkative he meows for everything like when he wants to eat and wants attention and to show affection. Tiger enjoys being picked up and held. He loves his coat to be brushed and likes taking a bath. Tiger activity level is low but he likes to play with wands and catnip toys. Tiger likes to follow owner around the house or be in the same room as owner. Tiger is well behaved when home alone. Tiger likes to sleep anywhere that's comfortable. Tiger is declawed so he doesn't scratch on anything. Owner never heard him hiss or be aggressive. Owner stated can be playful and mellow.

Training: Tiger is an indoor cat and is litter box trained. He likes to use clumping litter and his litter box is uncovered.

Feeding: Tiger likes to eat both wet and dry food called Purina and Fancy Feast. His favorite treats are Friskies party mix.

Behavior upon intake: Tiger was very talkative the whole intake and was hiding but allowed all handling.

scan negative
neutered, ~6years
BCS 3.5/5
nervous, hissed when i opened the carrier. tries to flee when not held