Friday, November 21, 2014

City of Kenedy, Texas: GOOD NEWS! re: Kenedy Animal Shelter-Pregnant Black Lab needs rescue

60 miles SE of San Antonio
Kenedy Animal Shelter Dogs Bonnie will be safe today. She and another Lab named Clyde that came in with her are being saved by Save A Lab. Yay!

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Facebook thread
Bonnie (URGENT PREGNANT, at the City of Kenedy, Texas, Animal Control, need RESCUE contact
There would be no pregnant Bonnie without a Clyde, so stay tuned, because in a few minutes, my Clyde will be posted too. Hello! My name is Bonnie and I am suspected to be "with puppy". ……….in other words prego, pregnant. Quite possibley the worst place to be pregnant is at a City animal control facility, so I need out quick. I am FRIENDLY and look to be all Labrador, I am a big gal, no guess on age yet, but my attitude is young and bouncy and I enjoy being rubbed by people. Please oh please, don't let me give birth to my puppies here. I was picked up with a male black Labrador Retriever named Clyde, so it is suspected he is my Puppy's Daddy. Due to my pregnant condition I am NOT available for adoption, but to a responsible rescue that will have all my puppies spayed and neutered prior to adoption.
Kenedy is a small rural town 60 miles SE of San Antonio, Texas, the pets there get little exposure for rescue or adoption other than this Facebook page started by volunteers (the City started their own page too now!). The live release rate was typically 5% out of 275 dogs per year, but things are changing for the better. Adoption fee is $50.00 which includes DHPP and rabies shot, but adopter has 30 days to get pet spayed/neutered or fines will be incurred. RELEASE TO RESCUE GROUPS is desperately needed as well and the pet will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and heartworm tested at no cost to the rescue, our new group Karnes County Humane Organization will take care of that part, we can also help with transport! The contact to adopt is Matthew 830-299-2728. Rescue groups can email or call 210-416-8849.
About this Kenedy Animal Shelter Dogs page:
Kenedy Animal Shelter Dogs is NOT run by the City of Kenedy, but instead is run by a 501c3 non-profit ALL VOLUNTEER group called Karnes County Humane Organization (KCHO) to bring awareness to the fact that only 5% of 275 dogs were making it out of the City of Kenedy Animal Control shelter alive and to encourage and raise money to support the proper and humane treatment of pets in the Karnes County area. We also will post stray or abandoned dogs in and around the Karnes County area in an attempt to find them a safe place after their crappy owners dumped them! For more info contact  We also frequently post educational tid bits about the proper and humane way to treat pets, so stay tuned! Donations can be mailed by check to our mailing address is Karnes County Humane Organization (KCHO) P.O. Box 128, Kenedy, TX 78119. We are a 501c3 non-profit so your donations are tax deductible. Karnes County is 60 miles SE of San Antonio, Texas. Our Pay Pal Link is…

Gayla Geist
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