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Greenville MS: 11/18 BEYOND URGENT UPDATE. NO RESPONSE! NOW FRIDAY Deadline!! RE: Spayed SPECIAL NEEDS Orange & White Cat being rehomed ASAP

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Date: Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 11:26 PM
Subject: Greenville, MS -- Spayed Cat DYING for a home asap!

PLEASE continue to cross-post and help this sweet cat find a loving home!     We have been given until Friday of this week………this cat came from an elderly hoarder in Greenville, MS...Please help!  

Linda Merideth

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Date: Nov 10, 2014 4:03 PM
Subject: Greenville, MS: Spayed Cat DYING for a home asap!
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From: Linda Merideth <hlm500@aol.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 2:02 PM
Subject: Greenville, MS -- Spayed Cat DYING for a home asap!

PLEASE HELP!!!   This sweet cat MUST have a home!   Her foster mom cannot continue to foster her.   She has chronic herpes and spews mucus out of her nose…..the foster mom has a 2-yr.-old and simply cannot continue fostering her.    This cat is not contagious to people or cats that have been vaccinated……please, please help this sweet girl find a home.   We have NO WHERE to take her……please read the foster mom's bio. on her.  She is just precious!

Hi! My name is Loren. My sister was Sophia. She found a home long ago. When we were given up by my human we were very sick. She got better and I still have the boogers. The vets think I will chronically have the snots so I would be best suited as an outdoor kitty. I do not actually get SICK but I do sneeze and have boogers. My foster mom LOVES me and really wants to keep me but her toddler has been seen snacking on my boogers and its getting irritating for her. She cannot have me outside as she is on a very busy street.

I am not really talkative. My nickname is Squeeky as I do occasionally make some squeeks but otherwise I am silent. I love to be held and petted. I am a great self-petting model when you just hold out a hand or foot. I have been with this family since their little boy was 8 months old. I was afraid of the baby (for good reason) but now that he is 18 months old we are the best of friends. We snuggle and nap together and I let him pet me but if he gets to flailing his arms or feet I know to just walk away. Never scratch the kid. That is my motto!  I am not afraid of dogs. There were dogs in my first home and my foster mom had a dog for a few weeks and I tried to curl up with him. He was unsure of me but I was an instant friend to him.

I love other cats. I am happy to bathe them and snuggle with them. My favorite past time is laying in a sun beam and sitting in a window. I had access to the outside when I was little but have not been outdoors since.  I will quietly sleep at the foot of your bed and not disturb you or sleep on top of you. I just enjoy being with you however you will have me.

I am not afraid of anything. My foster mom can vacuum right next to me and I just watch her. She has never tried to vacuum me but the floor right next to me is fine. I can hear just fine but I am trusting so I have nothing to fear! I typically do not sit on the couch with you while you watch TV or sit in the chair with you while you are at your desk.  I am smart. I know that I am not allowed into the kids room until he is up and going. So I will sit outside the door and wait patiently until you open the door for me to come and hang out with you guys.

I had a terrible eye infection when I was teeny and I have some scar tissue on my eye that is healing but it looks a little cloudy if you look at me just right in the light. It was awful looking at first but I am nearly 100% now. My eye will have some eye crusts from time to time but it has never required medical attention. I am healthy other than these sneeze fits. I am not looking forward to leaving my wonderful home but I am excited that I might be given a chance to find an outdoor home where I can spend time with you and your 2& 4-legged friends.    Please help me quickly, because my foster mom says I MUST go soon…..somewhere!

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