Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hamilton IL: All new inmates! puppy, am staff, husky, collie mix, lab mix WHCR

From: Anissa Sadeghi <>
Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 7:52 PM
Subject: WHCR: Hamilton IL: All new inmates! puppy, am staff, husky, collie x, lab x.
To: Anissa Sadeghi <>

WHCR: Hamilton, IL  All dogs below are in need of rescue help!!  If you can sponsor, rescue or adopt, please contact

Keokuk, IA: FINAL CALL!!!! Gorgeous male black lab.  Looks purebred to me.  Gentle nature but boy can he pull hard on a leash!!!  He stops pulling though if you give him a hug!  2-3 yrs.  Approx. 60 lbs.
Carthage, IL: Dogs below are at the Hancock County dog pound, all will be PTS if not rescued.  If you can help sponsor, adopt or rescue, please contact
Bella was dumped at the pound over the weekend.  She is around 3 months old, 15lbs, brindle hound/lab mix.  Very sweet girl.
Spencer is top pick from my aco!!  He is the sweetest boy ever!!  AmStaffie mix, 40lbs, male, 2ish years old, GREAT with the other dogs at the pound, always wagging his tail and loves attention.  He was found stray, emaciated and left in the cold :(  He deserves BETTER!!! 
Tracie, female cattledog/lab mix, 5ish years old, 40lbs, great with other dogs!
Kahoka, MO:
Sophie, just over a yr old, red aussie cattle dog.  Over surrender because she didn't herd cattle :( Has rabies/dhpp and is spayed.
Boz, male shepherd mix boy, found stray, very sweet gentle boy, 3-4yrs old.
Ft. Madison, IA: animal control
Daisy, Young female Beagle, 1 yr. ?, Small. Doesn't appear to be spayed. VERY timid but sweet. Wants to cuddle.