Thursday, April 23, 2015

Houston TX area: Progress report 4/23/15 RE: Baxter and Bailey after being rescued.

If you can donate toward their cause (vetting and rehab) it would be greatly appreciated! 
On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 11:21 AM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:
Bailey (with white paws) and Baxter are still at their temporary rehab/training facility.  They both need altering which will run around $350.00 total. We are also still looking to place these dogs in the future and possibly at a sanctuary so they can live out their lives together. If you can donate toward their cause (vetting and rehab) it would be greatly appreciated! 

Please contact:

Elizabeth Asher, Attorney at Law

3/25/15 POST
From: Jeannice Cain <>
Date: Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 11:51 AM
Subject: URGENT Donations needed for Baxter and Bailey after being rescued Houston TX
To: Jeannice Cain <>, Elizabeth Asher <>

Please send around to help these two!!  Elizabeth is the contact!! 

These two dogs were on the streets of Houston for over 2 years. 
Major construction of their natural habitat forced them to relocate to a VERY dangerous intersection where 3-6 lanes of highways intersect and split off on 3 sides.  Not an unusual story for the city of Houston. What is fortunate, they were saved, named Bailey and Baxter. It took a team of feeders, trappers, and just plain good Samaritans to save these boys. Once both were trapped and taken to a local vet, relief for everyone, only to be turned into concern about their ultimate future.

Struggling to adjust at the vet’s office, they were moved to a special boarding place that had experience with street dogs. Again relief turned into the pain of watching them struggle to adjust. It has been several months now, Bailey and Baxter are slowly adjusting to life of steady food, warm bed, loving humans. The next and final step is to transfer Bailey and Baxter to a sanctuary, to live out their lives as dogs should, with space to run around and a steady source of food. How do we give up on them now?

We need to raise funds ($945 for March due immediately and another $720 for April, totaling $1,665). for boarding and meds until an approved sanctuary is located and they are moved. Currently fees are due for March boarding and some meds need to be purchased to continue heartworm treatment.

Please help them by sending a check to Rescue Bank, 11950 Pebble Rock, Houston, TX 77077 or pay pal at Memo for Bailey and Baxter. (tax deductible to the extent permitted by law)
Thank you for helping us help them!

Elizabeth Asher <>

Elizabeth Asher, Attorney at Law
Executive Director, Rescue Bank

12/1/14 POST

A SUNDAY update from Jeannice
On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 6:15 PM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:

There are 3 sections in this interchange.  This am they were in the middle section.  We left food (dry and stew meat) , water and got some pics and videos OF where they were, and only where the food was left. The food and water left yesterday on Boneyard side was eaten.  You will only see the big black dog and at the very end of the last video will see the other b&w dog coming out of the bushy area to the right of it. Both ears up. (FYI there are also some homeless people that
may be living in that same area.  They had a small dog. I warned them about the big black dog being protective of his girlfriend.  They said they have been feeding them but also running them away from the area they were at - just an FYI)

Once we got out of the car, the big black dog came towards us BUT the others started
running away toward the bushy area. IMPORTANT in regards to trapping etc. The big black dog did not stay long....he took a bite and then ran to the others I am sure checking on where the OTHER male dog was and protecting his husky girlfriend.

To clarify - I went to Boneyard this eve (sadly it was the last day :-) ) and spoke to Justin. He is NOT trying to get the dogs. He will only call IF he sees the dogs.  He tried a while back and could not get the two black dogs. He said the husky just recently showed up. The two black dogs have been roaming for 2-3 years. He believes the Husky will be adoptable since she just showed up.

like we need more in the area...agreed.. again so sad. He said he does not plan on opening another as it has to be within certain city restricted areas to do what he has done and not available. EVEN the bank parking area nest door alone is 1.5 Million $$$$.  My hat is off to him and all he has done not only for the people bringing the dogs, but also all the rescue groups he helped raise much needed funds!

Again, with my assessment of the dogs, trapping knowledge, I believe
that the big black dog should be trapped first. ONLY put out one trap,
with something really good and see if he goes in. I will NOT leave food
on Monday.  They have to be hungry AND if my memory is right she
will only mate for 3-4 days...... so time is running out.

AFTER getting him (since he has funds/foster etc) then can work on the other two and THEN set 2 traps out to catch them but again they
have to have a place to go.  Even Justin said that is why he has not called SPCA up the street because they will be put down.
It is to be rainy and then cold the next two days....then warm up and more rain.  Theresa has one trap and I have another in not so good shape but should work if needed.....

Again PLEASE send out as this is not a good place for dogs to be hanging out with all the various lanes of traffic going all different directions up to 4 lanes at a time....

Thank you all!
11/29 POST

On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 10:50 AM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:

...NEED FOSTER/RESCUE group and funds for 2 of them!  If you have a Husky contact and Lab/Pit contact  PLEASE SEND email etc ASAP...

...The female Husky or mix is in heat and the big black dog was mating her! (explains why he left his area and there are 3 dogs) He is also going after the other male Lab/Pit/Shepherd mix to stay away from her!  When I was able to put food out the big black dog came running up to me and started eating but when he looked to see where the black and white dog was he went running after him..... the black and white is definitely submissive to him.

When I drove by  15 mins later they had moved back to the middle section of that intersection. Rain and cold weather is coming. The whole area where the big black dog was is now under construction. There is really no place for any of these dogs to go....

We are going to trap the big black dog in the am since he has funds and foster. Hopefully he is hungry enough to go in trap vs mating or protecting!

We have no place for the other two to go if we get them other than to take to city shelter! Please send around and see if anyone would be willing to even take on temporarily until funds raised and a group can help.  I will start the fundraising at $200

...again please send around....

Thanks everyone again!!!

On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 12:14 PM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:
Hey everyone,

It's me again. Was on my way to work Wed am and saw 2 dogs right on the edge of the above area where double lanes merge into four.  A rust and white medium hair dog was looking at a black dog laying, head not up. lunch I did not see anything. BUT after work I thought I spotted something black in another part of that area.  I went back and saw a black blob and then something white and rust behind it.Again no heads up.

THIS is a horrible interchange of roads merging and splitting all different directions with curves...and people drive very fast!

Friday AM 
 I took to Joe the homeless man turkey dinner left overs. but first I drove by that area - up the street from him.  I took 3 times going around looking in this middle area. I saw two black dogs and then on the third round saw the rust and white one.  There is NO place to pull over but I found a spot on the side with flashers on and was able to get this video and a pic but it is far away.

I believe one of the black dogs is one that people have been trying to get the last 2 months and disappeared the last two weeks...THIS dog actually has vetting funds for it, a foster etc. Just trying to get it. 

Don't know if the other black with white chest dog is one of the two labs that also been seen in the area. Have no idea about the rust and white dog or what type. Maybe part husky or something.

I believe that a GOOD PLAN has to be in place to try and rescue these dogs.
To keep the dogs from running out in traffic. I think we need traps (have 2) and PEOPLE. I feel if anyone is willing to park there car on these curves with flashers on or several people all direction hoping people will slow down when going by AND people to help watch for traffic while traps are being set up etc.

When trapping like this you don't know who might go in the trap first, soooo there needs to be FUNDS and a place for the other two dogs to go if trapped...... 
Ideally, it would be nice if the big one would go in first but you know how that goes!
Plus when one gets trapped, the trigger will most likely make the others run.
I am still trying to formulate a plan......or plans....

FIRST need to try and raise funds/foster again....
Second need help with trapping them  the ideal time might be early Sun am when less traffic. Forget during the week...the traffic is soooo bad.  I hope they are street smart enough to stay alive and is finding food etc somewhere....

I am going to go there tomorrow early am hours and see if I can get better pics and maybe get out of car and see what they do and try to leave food and water.  If they are fed etc they may  not try to cross the streets until something can be done.....might have to enlist the help of authorities to get these dogs....

Ok,  PLEASE SEND AROUND !!  Was thanking God that  Wed that I haven't seen anything and Joe just has his two dogs....then whamoo!  Oh he says there are 2 Siamese he is trying to get.  AND I've been watching this house with two Black Labs.  They lived across the street from where they are now. That house was torn down and now 20 huge tall houses will be put on the lot.
The mom and brother took off when they tore it down. That is what the people across the street told me. NOW they have also vacated that house but I am seeing the two dogs.... so too will be demolished soon......The lots all around are being torn down.....