Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Houston TX: From Jeannice re Joe's GOOD NEWS dogs and cats - Just a personal thank you to EVERYONE!

GOOD NEWS Joe! Even tho' homeless in Houston, with the City telling him he has to move from under the highway overpass where he lives, with going for chemo treatments, with taking care of his own two dogs, Joe manages to save abandoned critters. Jeannice says "thanks everyone!  He said he could use some long johns size large with the cold weather coming. He has some army jackets donated to him.  He is to give me tag info on his own dogs (and Butch) so I can make sure what vetting has been done. They are not looking so great. The worst I have seen them.  They need baths and some type of treatment for fleas/hot spots."

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Date: Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 5:32 PM
Subject: Just a personal thank you to EVERYONE!
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Joe (Homeless man) additional animals he was trying to help: (he has such a kind heart for the four legged ones & birds! he just can't turn his back if something crosses his path - and where he is there is NO reason for an animal to be loose)

Sasha - the black & white pregnant dog  - waiting to get update on her....
Katie - the black and white puppy thrown out of car 
Two young cats saved from top of overpass
Butch - male red/tan dog 
(If everyone will send updates not only Joe would like to know but we all like hearing 'good' news!)

ALL BECAUSE OF YOU   were people/organizations stepping up to help.
First and foremost the blasting out to everyone you know - networking is key for help!
(Please forward to whoever you may have sent so the word gets out that these animals have been helped)

For the donations made not only to me, to provide dog food and food/supplies for Joe, but the pledges for the animals
so that others could take them in!  Essential!  

For everyone that have helped whether taking pictures, dropping off winter items for him and his dogs! 
EVERY kind gesture again whether posting, donations, goods etc is extremely appreciative!  I certainly could
not have done this by myself! (I may be able to sleep good tonight :-)  ) 

On a side note:
The city says he has to move within a few weeks.  He will be in same general location. I am not surprised and been waiting
for something to happen as he has set up 'camp' where everyone can see him!

He says there are still some cats/kittens that need to be caught and the two black lab dogs. I know he said he caught one.....but 

IF anyone wants to help out for the future: (funds being donated to me and what I can do myself)
I go to Costco and get 40 or 50 lb bag of Pedigree for about $30
I give him gift cards for food and store in area:
Walmart, Subway, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Red Robin,  (Brewzwing? He likes their wings)
Flea Prevent - his dogs ARE HUGE!  Over 80 labs!

Will work on baths for the dogs & skin treatment, some other winter items for him, dog sweaters XXXXXXL for his dogs :-) 

Again thank you EVERYONE and send out update please! This has gone all the way up north!!
Jeannice Cain