Monday, November 24, 2014

Lilbourn MO: SEMO Dogs needing rescue. So many wonderful dogs here.

Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 9:12 AM
Subject: Lilbourn MO : SEMO Dogs needing rescue. So many wonderful dogs here.

I have many incredible dogs seeking rescue. If you can help by taking one or more please contact me, Laura at and please share with other rescues if you would. Transport can be arranged.
Poor Mona, she had 9 puppies in a front yard during our horrible cold snap. 6 died from freezing and a lady took in the remaining 3. We couldn't catch this momma dog then so we set a trap. Only 2 of the puppies survived and they went to a neonatal rescue immediately. Now we have Mona to place. She is terrified, super sweet, gentle and loving, doesn't bark, seems fine with the other dogs but she needs work to get her used to being a Pet. Mona has NO milk in her at all. IF not for the birthing discharge you wouldn't know she had puppies. She is carried outside then put on the ground. With prompting she might take a few steps then just lays down for a belly rub. We are working with her. She gets spayed and vetted Wed. If you can help Poor Mona please let me know. She is a beautiful dog, maybe part Beagle, and what else I don't know. Approx 1 to 2 yrs old and around 30 lbs.
Sissy on the left and Sara Jane are mother and daughter. Sissy is approx 7 to 8 yrs old and Sara Jane is 6 I think. Both are affectionate, loving, quiet, housebroke, sweet and good with other dogs. Where Sara Jane goes , Sissy goes. I have to crate them when I leave the house because they will dig out of the yard. Only when I leave will they dig, I guess it is some separation anxiety.
Beautiful 11 yr old Golden is Shadow. I know why they named her that. She is with you everywhere you go. Very well behaved, housebroke, loving and good with other dogs, she does have heart worms and we are doing a split treatment on her next week. Her heart is strong, she still fetches!!!! Great dog, super companion.
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. The best way to describe Zeus the yellow lab is  He's never met a stranger, never met a dog he didn't love and is so well behaved. He is a playing machine, loves toys and other dogs. Zeus had a embedded collar that we did surgery on. He is approx 7 mos old and will be a excellent family pet. Housebroke to a dog door. approx 50 lbs
Cruella came to me as a vicious little dog that in 3 days was eating out of my hands. She loves everyone, loves the other dogs and loves to play with dogs of all sizes. Great little dog that is now a excellent pet. She was just terrified in AC. Once out and shown love she became the perfect pet. she is approx 1 to 2 yrs old and approx 14 lbs
Hansel is supposedly 12 yrs old. I don't believe it. He appears to be around 5 yrs old and is very playful and active. He gets neutered next week. is heart worm negative and good with the other dogs. He is a Pom, spitz mix ??? approx 14 lbs
Scooter is still seeking rescue. He loves to sleep under the covers, is a very loving, affectionate little guy about 7 yrs old and 7 lbs. He is playful with other dogs and bossy too. NOT harmful.. just full of himself. He has so much personality he is funny.
Ebony is a super sweet little black Chihuahua. She is loving, very playful with the other dogs but doesn't seem to trust men. She barks at them a lot. Ebony is maybe 1 to 2 yrs old and weighs about 7 lbs
Iggy is a beautiful, great little Doxie, Chi mix. He has 4 brown feet that make him unique. He is being heart worm treated this week. Iggy is about 13 lbs and loves to play with all the dogs. He love, love, loves his toys and will pile them up and guard them from the other dogs. He loves squeeker, plush toys and will carry them around squeeking them.
Sissy is the most devoted dog you would ever want. Totally devoted to her owner. Good with cats, dogs and housebroke. Thanks to Leslie she has lost her weight and looks great. Her owner had to go into a nursing home. She is down to 60 lbs after weighing 90 lbs.
Judge is a Treeing Walker Coonhound and amazing. Sweet, well behaved, Crate trained, housebroke and love loves the other dogs. He is approx 1 yr old and truly a terrific dog. He can and will CLIMB a 4 ft Chain link fence. This dog loves to run , he doesn't run off.. just runs and comes home, then back out to climb the fence again.  He can't jump it ... but he does climb.