Friday, November 21, 2014

Long Island NY: Two neglected dogs in the cold. Female Pit and male Mastiff need new home(s)

The contact Jaqi ( gave permission 11/21/14 to blog her messages and photos with the request to NOT tag her on FB:

From: Jaqi 
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 10:48 PM
Subject: Re: >>>2 Neglected dogs in the cold Nassau LI...NY
I have permission to find them a home. Technically, all of the most recent vet paperwork is in my name for the pitbull, Sugie. I am friends with the people who have the dogs and i go over as often as I can to check on them, make sure food, water, etc is there. The people have little ones in the house and don't want the dog hair around the babies. I am the one that takes them for shots, grooming, took the female to be spayed last year and updated vacs. I am the primary contact for anyone intersted in adopting them. I would just like to see them with someone who loves them and will let them live indoors and be given the attention they deserve. I received lists of people who may be of assistance from a nice woman on Long Island and also forwarded info to a man in Maine, named Bernie so he may have cc'd you as well. I would love to find them a nice, loving, dog friendly home. Any posts and/or forwards are greatly appreciated. I will obviously want to meet any interested adopters and I would want to keep in touch as well. I can be contacted at any time through email or phone (516) 417-3316.

Thank you for any help you can give. 

Jaqi :-)

From: Jaqi Riccio
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 1:16 AM
Subject: Neglected dogs in the cold

I have a situation that involves 2 dogs (female pit and male mastiff) that I am trying to improve. Currently, the dogs are kept outside, all day, all night, all year. They have a dog house and garage that they sleep in together. The people put space heaters in the garage, but also leave the door open for safety reasons. The dog house is made of wood and has doorways cut out in front but does not have any insulation, hay, etc.   However, I want better for them. They are short hair dogs and winter is still cold, even for them. The dogs pretty much sit at the back door watching the people inside.  When the female cries, I have seen them be a bit harsh with her.  She is definitely fearful and her body language suggests that she has been physically reprimanded before. She will hunch low and run or cower and roll over (for example when she tries to run in the house or run out of the gate).   They get little to no attention and I know that they are not fed/watered every day. There have been several times that I go to check on them and water bowls are dirty or empty or there is no food (as in not even a bag of food available).
Last year, after I took the female to be spayed,  I was able to convince them to let the dogs sleep in the house sometimes when it was very cold.  Additionally, I have taken both dogs to be updated with shots because they haven't been updated for at least 3 years.
Recently, I took them for baths as I was told they would do the same for this winter. I am not there every day, so I don't know when they stay inside or out.  The people have several toddlers in the house and don't want dog hair around their kids. They have also told me that the dogs have fur so they are fine outside.  They have also mentioned that they are not planning on taking the dogs with them if and when they move.  These 2 dogs just want attention, love, and to be part of a family; not to just be left out in the cold. Over the summer I took care of them while the family went away. I went over at least 5 times each day, fed them, hung out with them, and allowed them to sleep inside at night. They were fantastic inside; no accidents  (chewing or pee/poop).
I know as a rescue you pull dogs from shelters or serious abuse situations. Although this isn't in such categories, I would still like to tech out for any help you can offer. Ultimately I would like to try to find them better homes. They are definitely neglected and mistreated. I would possibly be able to take the male (if he and my dog got along) but I would never leave the female alone. I know they don't like her and they are definitely nicer to the male than to her.  I am looking for any possible fosters or adopters that are interested in one or both. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much.
I will also forward some pics that I have been sending to friends to pass on.

Jaqi :-)
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