Thursday, December 15, 2016

Redwood Valley CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: 5/23/15 STILL AVAILABLE! RE: Zena the Wonderful Teacher Dog. 8-year-old Pocket Pit Passed over for FIVE+ YEARS

Zena got adopted! I asked Leslie Dodds and she replied, QUOTE On Dec 13, 2016 12:23 PM, "Leslie Dodds" <> wrote:
It's everything we hoped it would be.   She's doing fantastic and they love her so much.  They text me photos every so often and I see them around town.

Here is a link to an October 2016 GOOD NEWS Facebook thread provided by Leslie of the Humane Society for Inland Mondocino County, including the photo above which she gave me permission to republish. Thanks to everyone who rooted for Zena. May she live many more years happy and healthy.
5/23/15 POST
Zena is still available!
5/11/15 POST
Hopefully new photos/videos will be provided soon. Please apply to Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County if you wish to adopt Zena.
On May 11, 2015 12:45 PM, "Leslie Dodds" <> wrote:no, nothing yet.  She is a rockstar in our playgroups and has a new friend Nancy the Labrador.  It was a slow week for us. 
5/5//15 POST
Zena is still available! She has been in the shelter around 6 years now. In response to my question, Leslie Dodds at the shelter says Zena has a bed and a cushy dog house. Leslie has given permission to add her 5/4/15 message here to the post we have been circulating since November 2014. Please see Zena's Petnote for more information:

On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 10:51 AM, Leslie
Dodds <> wrote: 
Hi Liz,
...Our kennels are the size of small back yards and she has a cushy dog house which she lives.   She was adopted twice and returned, 1st time was just not a good fit on the adopters end, not Zena's.  The 2nd time she had a home for 6 months and then her and the other dog got in a fight over a dead squirrel and they just didn't get along after that.   It was a heartbreak for all of us.
Zena is a little shy at the beginning, but warms up really, really fast.   We are absolutely willing to part with her if/when we find her the right home.   Currently she is our shelter helper dog.   She trains our adolescent males on her to treat a lady right.   She is one of the most popular and beloved dogs at our shelter so she is happy until we can find her a wonderful home.
We would part with her in a second if it's a great owner, and Zena would happily move on to her next chapter in her life.   She can live with big dogs, no small dogs or cats.   She prefers big, goofy, derpy boy dogs.
Please feel free to call or email be directly if you have any questions.  my cell is 707-367-1874.
4/5/15 POST
Zena the Wonderful Teacher. 8-year-old Pocket Pit is STILL AVAILABLE! Passed over for FIVE YEARS

Leslie says there is still nobody who has come to adopt Zena.
3/17/15 POST
Here is a note from Leslie at the shelter who is very familiar with Zena and who gives permission to publish:
On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 2:42 PM, Leslie Dodds <> wrote:
Hi Liz,

She is still there and is one of our longer term dogs, she isn't the only one, but probably the most adoptable of the bunch.  She is a tad timid, but comes out of her shell REALLY fast.   She actually works very hard at our shelter teaching adolescent males how to treat a lady dog.   She will tell them off, but the greatest thing ever is after that, she will play bow.  She is a wonderful teacher and has helped us save many rude boy dogs.    She is good with most females, but would be best in a home with an idiot male that doesn't mind being bossed around.   If you have more questions, please give me a call at 7070-367-1874.   You can come meet her during a play date and see how she is.  It's definitely time for her to retire in her very own home.


This is about the seventh time posting for Zena! She is on Petfinder HERE. For some reason, nobody has adopted her yet. She has been at the shelter FIVE YEARS. Please adopt Zena and give her a comfy, loving home!!!
2/8/15 POST
Zena is still available
1/30/15 Brenda at the Humane Society says Zena still waits for her loving home. Zena has not made the news, has no gruesome injuries she recovered from (SHE WAS RESCUED FROM A BAD SITUATION AND SHE DID RECOVER FROM HEARTWORMS), and has no issues to make people feel sorry for her EXCEPT SHE IS SLIGHTLY SHY and except that she has lived in a shelter for FIVE YEARS!!! She is a 37 pound dog who would go well on ANYBODY'S COUCH! Contact the Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County 707-485-0123 to meet Zena!
1/12/15 POST
Brenda at the Humane Society says Zena is still waiting for her forever adopter!!! It is hard to believe poor Zena is still in the shelter. Please share for her every day until a perfect match materializes.
12/13/14 POST
The Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County says today 12/13/14 that Zena is STILL available for adoption. Please contact them with inquiries.
12/4/14 POST
Reposting for Zena. Please adopt or share for her if you can. As of 12/4/14, Zena is still available. I don't know if the rescue organization has received any recent inquiries. She is a petite Pit mix (37 pounds). More info herebelow.
11/27 POST

The Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County (HSIMC) contact info is:
9700 Uva Drive
Redwood Valley, CA 95470

HSIMC has been Zena's home for the last five of her eight years. According to their website, "HSIMC provides temporary shelter, and finds new homes for, between 50 and 100 dogs, and several hundred cats, annually." But sadly, the organization has yet to attract a perfect match for Zena. This is what they wrote on their Facebook profile November 13, 2014:
Zena is an 8 year old Pit bull Mix often overlooked because of her breed and shyness. She does not act her age and is as spry as a three year old. Even though she is shy at times, she has definitely overcome most of it and shows her bubbly personality when warming up to a person. You will also see this lovely girl at her happiest when playing with other male dogs and stuffed, squeaky toys! She is very small for her breed and many call her a "pocket pit", which is great for homes with size issues. She would be best in a home that is patient and will accept her constant desire for love and kisses. Zena has forever been a volunteer favorite and we hope she wins over the hearts of others. She has spent her past 5 years with us and deserves a forever home. Come out to meet and get to know her. Nestled on ten acres in a beautiful country setting is the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County, where you can come visit play with and/or adopt dogs and cats. We are located at 9700 Uva Drive in Redwood Valley. The shelter is open to the public from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.Wednesdays through Fridays and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays and major holidays.
Zena appears at Petfinder HERE