Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thomaston GA: URGENT! Upson Shelter - Scary Sunday, as Monday is Euth Day! $$$ Choc Lab, Chi, Am Bulldog! Need rescue for ALL! All must be considered URGENT!

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Date: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 9:41 AM
Subject: Thomaston, GA - URGENT!! - UPson Shelter - Scary Sunday, as Monday is Euth Day!! -$$$ Choc Lab, Chi, Am Bulldog! - Need rescue for ALL! - All must be considered URGENT!!!!

CONTACT: UPSON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER: 706-647-5586, Email:    (at 

CONTACT: PEGGY FERRELL: Email:         (at, Cell: 706-975-5824. 

CONTACT: HOPE MASTER: Email:        (at, 904-797-9402.

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Subject: FW: URGENT: UPson Shelter Thomston ,Ga Scary Sunday as Monday is Euth day .. $$$$$ Choc lab, chi, Am Bulldog Need rescue for all - All must be considered URGENT!!!!
Come on now please cross-post, and let's get the rest of these dogs out of the shelter tomorrow, because if it fills up, or is filled up, they may be in troubleDonations welcome, big and small.  It all helps to save a life!


From: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 2:36 PM
- UPson Shelter Thomaston, GA - Sad Saturday, as Monday is Euth day!! NO OFFERS! - $$$ Choc lab, Shep mix! - Need rescue for ALL - All must be considered URGENT!!!!

Please cross-post quickly now, for these really handsome sweet dogs this week.  Thank you for donating if you can and cross-posting.
If there is anyone in this area that could possibly foster a dog for a few days, a week or the longest 2 weeks, please let me know.  We especially need fosters for puppies, as there is nowhere to bring them at all.


CONTACT: PEGGY FERRELL: peggyferrell@charter.netCELL: 706-975-5824.
CONTACT: HOPE MASTER:, 904-797-9402.

Simpson - ID#14-1526 - $100 SPONSOR Hound mix Male adult - Nice dog!

Shirley Ann Taylor - ID#15-1523 - Small, adult, Female Jack Russell mix.  A high energy pet, very curious.

Sandra the Short Way - ID#14- 1531Young Female Lab mix.

Penelope Von Sleuthe - ID#14-1547 - $85 SPONSOR - Chocolate Lab - Very friendly and handsome.


Heath - ID #14-1535 - $85 SPONSOR - Adorable Young, small male dog.  Very playful!  About 7-8 months old, and 20 lbs.  Will not be a large dog!



Peeble Da Long Way - ID#14-1532 - Very Friendly sweet male hound mix puppy.  Weighs 15-20 lbs, and is 12 weeks old.


Holly - ID # 14-1519 - American Bulldog Mix Adult female - Sweet Pretty dog - Good on a leash - Loves attention!!   Precious girl!  Please don't let her die!!!!!!

Baby Girl - ID#14-1549 - Adult Female Pit Bull - Nice friendly girl and good on a leash!  Being brindle and a Pit Bull, her chances of survival are not great!  Please help her!  She is a really good girl!

Papi - ID#14-1553 - Adult Male Chihuahua - Friendly and cute pup!


Dixie #14-1548 - Adult Female Bassett / Bulldog mix.  Nice dog, friendly, good on a leash.  Very sweet and humble looking dog!!