Friday, January 2, 2015

Bowman SC & beyond: 1/2/15 GOOD NEWS! re: BUDDY IS SAFE AT HOME RE: MISSING DOG Buddy got away from his transporter while travelling from SC to VA

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Many thanks and many blessings to all of you that helped to bring Buddy home. Buddy was lost during transport from florida to va. in Bowman , South Carolina..he was missing from Dec 17-Jan 1.
Thank you to Bobbie Young for helping me to make connections, Laura Martin, Justin. Thank you to Elaine Sloan for "Find ToTo. Mollie Mccurdy for all of her help. Orangeburg Animal Shelter, Friends of Orangeburg Animal Shelter and to Lost Dogs of South Carolina. To all of my many many friends on Face book that shared and prayed and cared. Traci Richards for her help... To Emily Lumpkin for seriousily going above and beyond using her own money and time to post signs, set the trap, talk to folks, pursue leads.....she was the a complete rock star in helping to get Buddy home. To Beth Hawkins for all of her driving and giving up her time and money to help and to beth agresta who drove me for over 10 hours yesterday in our pursit of Mr. Buddy.
Other folks I would like thanks who stayed on the farm to help make it possibole for me to go...
Kelly Stone, Makayla Burch, Paul Malanot, Jordan Lanyon .
and a special thanks to Shelly who alerted me that Buddy was in trouble and needed to leave the situation he was in , in all of you THANK YOU!!

Sorry if  I failed to mention anyone and if I did I am so very sorry. I have not been to
sleep yet . We left at 5 yesterday am  and  we arrived home at 2 am and then lol, I had to walk to the dogs.......The very Best New Years Day Ever.....and the longest.....
Buddy is home because people really cared and went out of their way to make this  happen......<3 <3 <3 <3


Rabiah Seminole
Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center
You should only get even with those that have helped you

12/29/14 POST
Buddy was sighted again in the woods near the truck stop yesterday 12/28. Please help find Buddy.
12/22 Post
Rabiah Seminole wrote, "Amber from friends of orangeburg animal shelter said BUDDY was seen across from the pilot truck stop on the other side of the exit......if ANYONE is in the area.....I feel so helpless being this far away."
Please see photo/thread here.

LOST...FROM TRANSPORT.....PLEASE SHARE   here is a photo  of buddy.....i know i have shared him several times today..but i am not giving up...i know he is out there and i know someone has to have seen him...there are so many of us on fb and the internet..if every person just hits the share button...maybe that someone will contact me....he was, according to the phone call i got this am, lost on wednesday during transport from florida to va... at the pilot truck stop in bowman south carolina off of exit 159 interstate 26.....the truck stop is on homestead road.....i contacted them today and so has a friend to see if they willl watch for him....please ,if you see him and can get me...757-439-4206..or email me    .please hit that share button~~~~~~!!!
Buddy was nursed back to health as a puppy and finally had plans for a forever home
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where are you buddy????? i hope you are safe and warm..i hope you are not hungry...please help me find buddy...please share....he came to blue horse as a tiny puppy...we nursed him back to health had him neutered and watched him grow..we were so happy when we thought he was going to a forever buddy is lost somewhere in south carolina. bowman south carolina of exit 159 hwy the PILOT TRUCK STOP...he has been missing since wednesday..dec route back to us we were not informed about his missing untill saturday morning....that he had gotten away from his transporter....please share this...i hope you do not get upset that i keep posting this..but i am not giving up till buddy is back......i would do it for you!!!!  Thank you all so much!!

Rabiah Seminole
Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center

You should only get even with those that have helped you