Friday, December 12, 2014

Brooklyn NYC NY: Transport help requested 12/13. RE: Casey the Pit mix still alone in the basement in Canarsie following Bopsey's adoption :-(

Transport help requested. Ashley says Casey has a home offer and if anyone would like to help transport tomorrow Saturday 12/13 from Lynbrook NY to Vestal NY (map above) to please call Ashley at 516-521-6703
12/7 POST

Casey is still in immediate need of placement. Ashley said yesterday there might have been one inquiry about Casey but she won't know if it is for Casey, or if it has potential, til this week. So please step up to rescue/adopt Casey the Pit mix if you can. She has been depressed, not eating, and losing hair during her time alone in the basement. It would be good if Casey could have a canine pal in rescue or adoption. Bopsey the Schnauzer is said to be doing well in his new home three blocks away; there is no option on the part of the new owners to have Casey join him in his new home.
12/4 POST
Urgent! Ashley messaged me the afternoon of 12/2 saying the owner is slow to call her back but finally said she had adopted Bopsey out and Casey still needs rescue or adoption. Please contact Ashley O'Neill to inquire or offer assistance. Casey must be even more lonely now in the basement and the owner always was seriously considering dumping the dogs at NYCACC so time is of the essence. The following is what Ashley wrote 18 hours ago:
Ashley O'Neill  I just got a phone call from Bopsey and Casey's owner. Casey is extremely depressed because Bopsey has gone to her forever home. She is now downstairs in the basement all by herself, she is not eating, and is losing hair. We need to get her a foster or forever home ASAP! She is great with other small dogs. If you can help, please contact us immediately at
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12/2 POST 
Today 12/2/14 I emailed Road to Home Rescue Support and they replied that this bonded pair still needs crossposting/saving.

The contact email address is 
and the contact person is Ashley O'Neill . 
Ashley placed the alert on her Facebook timeline October 27th and nobody has inquired or stepped up for these two.

Please step up for them or share in conversation or via phone, email, or other social sites in addition to Facebook as they have been shared many hundreds of times on Facebook and have received no inquiries.
EXTREMELY URGENT! Bopsey (Schnauzer) and Casey (Lab/Pit mix) ... are currently living in the owners' basement...Bopsey is 5 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots. Casey was taken in by her owner when she found a group of men throwing puppies off of a building. She is spayed and also up to date on her shots. They are EXTREMELY bonded. They sleep together in the same doggy bed, always have to be touching one another when they are hanging around the house, and play well together...Both dogs do not have any experience with other dogs or cats. Both are wonderful with children and are housebroken. They are currently located in Canarsie, Brooklyn...We all know that the ACC is a death sentence and they won't stand a chance, especially Casey. Share far and wide please and contact Road to Home Rescue Support at ( or call Ashley at 516-521-6703. Transport is available to an approved home in the Northeast USA.