Saturday, December 20, 2014

Denton TX: Urgent. 10-month-old Apache the Pit mix puppy needs rescue/home. Vetting covered. Newness wore off & Owners want him gone.

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I found out about this pup through a co-worker. His name is Apache and he is about 10 months old...just a pup. Anyway, the newness has worn off and they are ready to get rid of him...poor thing. The only information the owner can tell me is Apache is house-trained and not neutered. This should give you a pretty good idea about the care this pup is getting...not good at all.

Anyway, I'm willing to cover all vet cost for Apache if there is a rescue group or individual willing to take this pup in. 

Debra Myers
Denton, Texas
940 - 367 - 4627