Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Girard GA: Urgent. Burke County Dogs in need - message from Samantha Holton. 2 videos.

Here is a shareable link of the 20+ photos that Samantha attached. Rescuers needed. Sharing is also a form of helping.

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Date: Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 9:17 AM


I received a call today from a Burke County Deputy seeking help for five abandoned dogs.  I was like a breath of fresh air to hear the concern and caring in her voice.
BurKe County, Ga. is a huge county the size of RI with no animal control..No Nothing for the animals here.  I am a rescue but am so full I fear taking on any more will push me over the edge.  I am OVERWHELMED with throw away animals of this county and doing everything I can to help all I can but these five do not have a snowballs chance in hell without someone to help them.
It isn't often you hear me beg but for these sweet and precious lives, I am begging for help from rescues with even one little corner of space to help any one of these lives.
The owner is said to be an elderly lady whose husband just died.  She was evicted and just left, leaving behind these five precious souls to the mercy of whatever help, food, water or shelter they can get.
They are all very friendly and sweet except the one labeled mix on the attachments.  He was all tangled up today and could not even move from the chain and an obstruction in the way.  He is a bit shy and most likely was scared. He looks weak and sickly and had some gunk in his eyes most likely from being cold.  Just look at all he has for shelter.  When it rains and we have had some major rain a few days ago, I imagine it is flooded in the piece of a plastic doghouse which is in the dirt. He tugs at my heartstrings the most I guess because he is scared and timid.  (Update)  Yesterday while feeding and putting out hay for them we discovered this dog, brown and white Has NO TEETH)
The basset Beagle mix is very friendly and sweet as can be.  He is so thin you can see every rib. The look in his eyes is pleading for help and to be freed from the chain he is bound by.
The female pittie lab mix is very friendly and looks fairly healthy other that she looks to have had puppies sometime recently. She is a beautiful girl and so friendly.
The male pittie lab mix had an ingrown collar and has a pretty deep laceration from it that is infected. Someone had thrown a raw rack of ribs out beside him and it is presumed he got in a fight with a stray dog since he has some puncture wounds on his ears and buttocks.  He too is very sweet and his tail never stops wagging.
As full as I am and as bad as I hate that I have no room in the inn for these dogs I have the wounded pittie lab mix as he did not need to be on a chain with the wounds to his neck even though someone had cut the imbedded collar off and left it lying there and put another one on him.  I cannot keep him as I have quite a few pitties in my rescue now and honestly, I do not have room for him but he could not stay on the chain with that wound.
Won't you please look into your heart and help me help these five precious innocents who have done nothing but love their master only to be abandoned and left behind to face whatever fate awaits them.  Everyone who knows me, knows I would take them in in a heartbeat if it was even remotely possible...My heart is breaking for them!
It did my heart good to see a Burke County Deputy reach out to a rescue for help, so often this is not the case and I told her I would do all I could to get this out to the rescue community.  Won't you please help me and if you cannot help any of them then please share for them.  They remain in the cold and food and water is having to be taken to them as the utilities where they are are turned off.
Thank you for any help you can offer these babies.  Please contact me, my contact info is below and I can put you in contact with the Deputy who wants to help them.
On TOP Of THES POOR DOGS I am feeding and trying to help 5 More on Chains while their owner is in Jail for up to one year.  PLEASE Help Me help these dogs and share to the moon and back!!     
Samantha Holton
Samantha Holton

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