Sunday, December 7, 2014

Helmetta, NJ: Urgent, cats need rescue,

From: Niki Dawson <>
Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 10:26 AM
Subject: Urgent, cats need rescue, Helmetta, NJ

Permission to Crosspost  URGENT
For months, animals languished in their cages without proper food, enrichment, or medical care.  Staff and volunteers struggled to find resources to care for so many.  Some staff simply could not handle the heartbreak so they resigned.  When the authorities entered the property, they were not prepared for the frantic cats and dogs loudly vocalizing their need for food and water. In fact, a local Councilman immediately drove to a store and purchased cat food with his own money.   
Veterinarians were called in to administer vaccines and health exams.  Over the course of days, the ill animals were given proper medications or taken to veterinary hospitals, thin animals received appropriate food, and best of all, the local rescue community responded by coming to the shelter and transferring as many animals as they could into their agencies.  Not only did private, non-profits help, but open-admission animal control facilities assisted with as many as they could accommodate.  The result?  Seventy-seven cats and thirty-four dogs were transferred out.  These agencies opened their shelters, foster homes, hearts and wallets to help so many Helmetta animals.  Without any original accompanying paperwork, these generous organizations knew they would need intensive medical work ups and yet they still committed to these needy animals.

But there are more.  There are still ninety cats that need someplace to go.  The shelter is still under quarantine which means no public adoptions. This means the only chance to have a loving home is if more rescue agencies and shelters help.  There are approximately twenty feral cats being housed indefinitely, some are already ear-tipped but there is no information on where they might have lived before their arrival.  Barn homes are desperately needed!
Please cross-post widely.  Some of the loveliest cats you'll ever meet are here, waiting for their chance. 

Thank you to the following organizations who have done so much to help Helmetta animals:


Carteret Rescue League

Karma Cat

New Beginnings

Perth Amboy Animal Shelter


Husky House

Calling All Cats

Castle of Dreams

St. Huberts

Eskic Rescue

Old Bridge Animal Shelter
Lost Paws

Somerset Regional Animal Shelter

 I apologize if your group has helped and you are not on the list!  Please email me and I will add you!

Niki Dawson
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