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Subject: Henderson,NC/Vance Co **EXTREMELY URGENT MEDICAL CASES** 3 Cats and 1 Dog NEEDS RESCUE NOW!!
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Subject: Henderson,NC/Vance Co **EXTREMELY URGENT MEDICAL CASES** 3 Cats and 1 Dog NEEDS RESCUE NOW!!

Henderson, NC/ Vance Co Animal Shelter
Ruin Creek (RCAPS)

Urgent Medical Cases

These 4 animals need rescue ASAP,  please save them! 

Contact Rescue Coordinator at: to SAVE THEM!

**FREE TRANSPORT FROM NC TO NJ to approved rescue groups, departing NC Friday, Dec. 19th night, arriving into NJ Saturday(Dec. 20th) morning . Offered by volunteers of RUIN CREEK ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY.

NICK (M, Pit, 1yr, HW NEG) Nick is a poor boy that his harness was left on him and he continued to grow. The harness was embedded very deep. Please see the vet notes below His hold is up NOW

Notes from the Vet:
He is an approximately 1 year old male intact Pit Bull Terrier.
He has extreme wounds which are most likely from an embedded harness.
His issue has been chronic enough that some of the tissue that still existed was already necrotic (dead) and infected when he was presented to me by Animal Control. I am concerned about the degree of infection that he has. It is possible that he could become septic. We are working on his infection with 3 antibiotics.

His pain is being managed with multimodal pain management including an NSAID (Rimadyl) and a partial opioid (Tramadol).
He is heartworm NEGATIVE!!! :))
He is not shedding intestinal parasite eggs on his parasite check today but we are deworming him anyway.


Please help us pay for T-Rex's medical bills he has by clicking this link 
T-Rex (M, 7-8mo, DSH, FIV/Felv test pending) *UPDATE* T-REX HAS AN EXTREMELY BAD FRACTURED PELVIS AND NEEDS A RESCUE THAT CAN GET HIM TO AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON. He does have feeling in his back feet but is not using his tail. He can pee but has not pooped and the x-rays showed his colon is full. He will most likely need to be put under anesthesia to empty his colon. He is being kept comfortable at the vet through pain control. Please donate to help with his care and share to a rescue that can help!
12/8 Update: The vet had to empty T-Rex's colon and he is resting.
T-rex was brought into the shelter after being hit by a car. He was unable to walk or put pressure on his back end. 
He was taken to Oxford Vet Hospital by a Ruin Creek Volunteer and is currently there getting x-rays and being looked at. We will update on his condition as soon as we know what can be done for him. 


LILY (F, dsh, 4 to 5 months) Lily was brought to the shelter with severe mouth and jaw issues. RCAPS rushed her to a vet, where she had to have her avulsed lower lip reattached and two lower incisors removed. This sweet girl has been through so much in her short life. Please help us pay for her vet care and find a rescue for her.
Update: She's eating well and swelling has gone down in her mouth/jaw; scratch on her head has almost healed too (over left eye). 12/1: starting to play & be a kitten now. Sweet girl!



WALLY(1M, DSH, 6+mths, FIV/FeLV NEG) Wally is an adorable young man that has an injured right front leg. The vet did not discover any broken bones and believes it is nerve damage, needs to be amputated. 12/8 Update: Wally leg is not improving and needs help NOW! Please rescue him.


Please look at Our Death Row Album to see who you can save:

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