Sunday, April 12, 2015

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: Adopt Windsor the young, large, black, lovable TRIPAWD Lab/Pit (video)

Hooray! Windsor has wonderful parents in Vancouver, B.C. now. He flew there 4/2/15 and all is well with him in his new home. Thanks to all who crossposted for him.
3/18/15 POST
Windsor is a very, very happy dog
Marcella Pringle is the contact. Email her with any questions at (   Windsor has different Petnotes on Petfinder for various cities. He can travel to an approved home. 
His Petnotes have him with the name of Abbott now because someone told Marcella pets with names starting with letters near the beginning of the alphabet come up first on Petfinder. Nevertheless Petfinder has not generated too many inquiries:
12/29/14 POST
Marcella Pringle is the contact. Email her with any questions at (
Marcella says "My Windsor is a doll!"
Windsor is a 3+-year-old mixed-breed dog who has been fostered by Marcella Pringle in Houston (an award-winning rescuer) who didn't know his leg would be needing amputation. She took care of him through it all. Marcella has been rescuing 20 or 30 years so she is rather a Rescuer Emeritus now. Windsor lives at Marcella's small home and uses a little doggie door to go to the small yard with his small pals Marcella's 5 or 6 dogs.

On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 7:56 AM, <> wrote:
Yes!  Windsor still needs a home!...YES!  Absolutely, you may post him on your site!!! Please do.
Happy New Year!

Marcella calls Windsor "the happiest tri-pod ever!!!" I am sure some competitive tripawd guardians can debate that LOL. Nevertheless take a look at the video to enjoy the view of happy doggies playing.

Windsor is promoted on Petfinder in various cities. Click here to view (
The link may change as he is currently showing on "page 6" of the rescue's available pets. As the selection changes, his page may change. The info is slightly different for various cities in regards to adoption fees and transport options. You can always click to go to Marcella's Petfinder page:

A Better Life - Houston

Houston, TX 77080 US 

Marcella Pringle is the contact. Email her with any questions at (
If like Marcella you are more used to the phone than email etc., you may call Marcella on her cell - 832-465-3700. Thank you!