Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Los Angeles: Urgent! Gorgeous Orange Tabby Kitten Needs Rescue From The Street!!

From: "Jacquelyn" <jgonzales@pacbell.net>
Date: Dec 8, 2014 11:19 PM
Subject: Urgent: Gorgeous Orange Tabby Kitten Needs Rescue From The Street!!
To: "jgonzales@pacbell.net" <jgonzales@pacbell.net>
Cc: "Nanni Jacobson" <nanni@ca.rr.com>

Please cross-post far and wide to get this beautiful kitten off the street.  He is an orange tabby that is 6 months old and a total love bug!  Nanni rescue him, had him neutered, etc. but cannot bring him inside and there are coyotes in the neighborhood.  If you can foster him or take him into your rescue group and find him a home, please contact Nanni at

contact: Nanni: Nanni@ca.rr.com
More information below:
Getting desperate to find a home for him :-(
contact: Nanni: Nanni@ca.rr.com
Please help spreading the word about this little guy . He is the cutest kitten. He is 6 month old and has been abandoned. Typical story, taken  in as a kitten and than when they become teenager left on the street. I just had him fixed. He is a total Lovebug and it is not save for him out there. We have Coyotes in our neighborhood. 
I can not take another cat inside. I am desperately looking for a home for him. He would make a great companion to another cat.

Video and pics attached.