Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Missouri City TX (Houston area): 3 cats need RESCUE and HOMES ASAP. Were CONFISCATED in abuse investigation. After 3 months they may now leave pound!

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Volunteer Valerie says "they REALLY need to get out of here." Valerie is not the contact. To rescue one, two or all three, please call the animal shelter at 281-403-8707 ASAP. The shelter is located at 1919 Scanlin Road, Missouri City, TX 77489

There won’t be a deadline.  In animal abuse cases the judge orders that the animals be placed in an appropriate setting.  In effect, they are under court protection. But seriously, they shouldn’t live out their lives in cages.  And in the mean time they are taking up 3 cages in this very small shelter and other cats are being euthanized because there is no space.

Valerie wrote, "As long as the black and white one has been at the shelter, she has been mean.  She is not feral. She sometimes acts OK, but then will suddenly turn on you and bite and scratch. Who knows what happened to her before she came here? But the volunteers can not touch her so she has not been out of her cage in all these months. The others get to come out and prowl around on a daily basis. The cats are about 2 or 3, I think. I never named them since they didn’t actually belong to the shelter until recently – they were just housed there as evidence in the case. Now I am calling them Orange, Callie and Marshmellow (going for the opposite of Meany)."

Contact is Missouri City 281-403-8707 or 713-471-2301
From: Davis and Valerie Tolman
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 8:34 AM
Subject: Stafford Cats

These cats were brought to the shelter in September by a Stafford police officer in the middle of the night.  They had been confiscated as part of an animal abuse investigation. For over three months they have languished in the Missouri City Animal Shelter while the court case against their owner was delayed and then delayed again.  They have finally been cleared to be placed. They are all female.  The orange girl is very friendly and loves attention.  This poor baby has had diarrhea ever since she came to the shelter and despite being treated for worms, the problem persists.  She needs to go to the vets but Stafford will not take her. The calico girl likes people and likes to be petted, but doesn't like other cats. In the last month she has started to lose her fur which we think may be caused by Psychogenic dermatitis – or a stress/boredom response.  Her skin is not inflamed or itchy, but we think that she is just fed up with living in a 2 ½ foot square cage for 3 ½ months. Can you blame her? The black and white girl hates everybody (skitty/feral) – but with her sharp teeth and claws she would make an excellent barn cat.