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Sebastopol CA: BrightHaven Susan Hoffman needs to save her mother's animals

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Hello everyone,
I am forwarding this for Susan of BrightHaven. Her mother lives in North Carolina and she's requesting urgent help for her mother's animals ... do you know anyone in North Carolina who might be able to adopt or foster or transport one or more of these beloved animals?  Please contact Susan directly if you have any leads or know anybody who might be able to help.  Thank you so much!
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BrightHaven Rescue Network

Dear Friends,

This is for my mother. It can't get any more personal than that. Here's what's going on . . .
I need to get my mother's pets, 11 cats and one dog, to safety as quickly as possible. My mother is having some problems with her local social services agency in Hendersonville, NC. They have filed a petition to declare her incompetent and place a local agency as her guardian. We've hired an attorney and we are fighting this, and a close friend has offered to function as guardian. (I am out of state and could not be appointed her guardian. She has no relatives in North Carolina. Perhaps not the best retirement strategy, no matter how much she loves the place.)  Currently the hearing is December 15th but we are hoping for a bit of a continuance. 
I visited her in October and met the animals. I really don't think my mother needs to be dragged kicking and screaming from her home, stuffed in some assisted living facility, and have all her stuff sold out from under her. Hopefully we've hired the right attorney and that won't happen. But just in case the worst happens her animals cannot be in the house when she goes to court. If they are and things do not go well they would likely be seized by animal control and taken to the nearest kill shelter. This simply cannot happen.
I do have placements for some in New York and in the San Francisco area - and if anyone is flying or driving from Charlotte, NC in either direction, I would love to hear from you - but more placements are needed. Temporary foster homes would be good too. It would allow more time to arrange transports.
I'm open to ideas here. This is a nightmare.
And, for those of you who simply cannot believe that state agencies overstep their authority and abuse their powers, well, apparently it is a real issue in this country. Here's a Senate report that I stumbled across:   US Senate - Forum on Protecting Older Americans Under Guardianship: Who is Watching the Guardians? Who knew? And now it is happening to my mother.
Anyway, here are the animals that are in imminent danger. All are middle-aged or senior, most are very well-socialized, all have been well cared for and much loved.
HOBO.  Hobo is a nice dog. He's a boxer/lab mix, 8-10 years old. Obviously great with cats. He's also been around other dogs - my mom was a pet sitter and often had other dogs at her house. Loves people, no signs of any aggression, barks when someone comes to the door though. Loves sausages! Housebroken. Around 50-60 pounds is my guess.
COCO.  Male Ragdoll/Himalayan type, 12-14 years old. Super friendly cat. Slept with me when I visited my mother recently, snuggled in my arms, tucked himself under the covers. Great with the dog and other cats too.
THREE TABBIES.  Names and ages uncertain, all boys.  The two bigger ones look like twins.  They want to be inside-outside cats and one is quite the hunter.  Great with other cats and the dog.  The third, smaller tabby with a golden face, is a little shy and he sprays.  I'll take that one.  I know no one else will have him.  Just need to fly him from Charlotte, NC to the San Francisco area.  But the other two  tabbies, those two are well-mannered and need somewhere to go. 
LUCKY.   Eight year old black and white boy, super friendly, great with the dog and other cats.  Really nice cat.  He was found as a kitten by a friend of my mother's, clinging to a screen.  I have his baby pictures. 
INKY.  Fat black cat, 10-12 years old. Again, a very nice boy, super-friendly and great with the dog and other cats.  Also slept with me when I visited in October.. 
LITTLE OLD MAN.  Don't know the name of this one.  He is elderly, possible kidney issues, tabby and white medium haired. Shy with me at first, hissed at me, but warmed up to me pretty fast.  He shares a room with Princess April.
FLOWER, for lack of a better name. Older long-haired boy with a cauliflower ear.  Did not spend much time with this one.  He was a little shy at first but we made friends in the kitchen one night.  Maybe 12 years old.  Sorry for the lousy photo but it was the best I was able to do.

PRINCESS APRIL.  Bobtail calico girl, very people-oriented, 8-10 years old. Came to my mother through her vet's office. April shares a room with a little old man cat but would likely adapt to a multi-cat household. Not so crazy about the dog.  She was so friendly and in my face that I could not get a decent still photo, so I started videotaping instead. 
NO PHOTOSYLVESTER.  Eight years old, orange and white boy. A little shy, which is why I did not get a photo of him. Sleeps with my mother.  I have baby pictures of this one too.
MISSY.  Eight years old, Siamese mix, very pretty but skittish and high anxiety with new people (which is why I have no photo of her).  Pees on things because she is nervous.  I'll take this one.  Just need to get her to California.
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Email me at if you have any suggestions.  And please share and post and pin and network like crazy.  How often have we pulled off miracles before?  Well, I really need a miracle here. This one is for my mother..
Susan Hoffman
BrightHaven Rescue Coordinator
P.O. Box 1743
Sebastopol, CA 95473
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