Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charlotte NC & beyond: Urgent. Two kitties need a loving home TOGETHER.

These kitties need a loving home and need to go together.
On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 8:47 AM, m miller <> wrote: can you please crosspost...we have another :(

My contact info is Brea (owner)
Charlotte NC....transport is avail.
or marni 704 497 8023  (trying to help)

This is bob and Marley. Marley is the all grey one. They are 4 yr old brothers that have been together since birth  They are up to date on their shots and they are very healthy. They have also been neutered and they do have their claws  These boys are very fun and loving cats. Marley Is very laid back and chill  bob on the other hand is mr nosey  and very outgoing    They both love attention. They were born July 3, 2010. The reason I am having to rehome them is because I have recently lost my vision and can no longer care for them and the person that was keeping them won't any longer. These kitties need a loving home and need to go together.  My contact info is Brea

they are at risk of euthanizing....friend who agreed to take care of is threatening to put them down.