Friday, January 16, 2015

Devore CA: UPDATE! PULLER AND FOSTER FOUND RE: Please rescue Stella's 2 sisters from pound

Please consult the photo/thread for update. A foster and puller have volunteered for the two from Devore. The two will get out of the pound on Monday if all goes according to plan. I don't know who the puller and foster are. Stella is expected to go to her foster home on Monday too.
1:45 PM POST
The two in Devore have no rescuer yet!!! Please help!!! Contact the shelter or Jo with questions at or on Facebook at
The vet office is not accepting donations for Stella now. Kind donors have provided enough donations.
1/15 POST

Please help!
Please help this family. In Yucaipa, the three young pitbull mix females were evidently dumped by the side of a highway. One Good Samaritan found two of them and took them to Devore. Another Good Samaritan found a third after she had been seriously injured by a motorist; that pup is recovering at Banning Vet Hospital. All three need pledges and other assistance, but the most immediate need is to get the two out of the high-kill shelter where they only have til Monday 1/19/15.

More info is on Facebook, please click to view following photo/thread:

Post by Liz Marshall.