Sunday, January 11, 2015

Douglasville GA - Sweet Tabby Boy Abandoned by Neighbor!

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Subject: Douglasville, GA - Sweet Tabby Boy Abandoned by Neighbor!
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Message from Christy:
My neighbors moved a few months ago and left behind their cat. I noticed over time how skinny he started looking and would hang around their porch, I guess hoping they would come back for him. I started feeding him and gave him flea medicine.
I have not had much luck on finding him a home. I have two cats of my own and due to my husband being laid off and our son having upcoming surgeries, I just cannot take on the extra responsibility or expense at this time. He is an adult and I believe he was an indoor cat before they moved because I have rarely seen him outside. He is okay around dogs and for some odd reason likes to ride in the car. He meets me at my car every night when I get home from work and jumps in the back seat. I have been putting him in our laundry room at night since it has been so cold, and he uses the litter box perfectly fine.

He is a really, really sweet cat I think he would be good for an older couple who may want some company. I would be willing to take him to the vet for shots and to be neutered if this would help.
Thank you,