Sunday, January 25, 2015

Douglasville GA: PROMISING NEWS RE: Urgent. Two neutered/spayed 12-yr-old Purebred Ragdolls need new Home!

UPDATE: Cathy reports there is a firm rescue offer. Yay! No more sharing requested. Thanks to all who are helping Boudreaux ABeare and Belle Les Feete/
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Julia's responsibilities are about to get even heavier, and up to this point, she has had no serious offers. One of the reasons she feels that no one has followed through is because Boudreaux (most likely due to all the stress in the house), has been having 'accidents'. He was checked by a vet, and no medical reason was found. The vet believes that he is grieving the 'loss' of the affections of his humans.
Julia is concerned for him because he is losing weight. His hip bones are noticeable when she brushes him. He is hungry for affection and needs more interaction with people -- as does Belle. Right now, Julia is forced to keep him crated 18-22 hours a day. She knows this is not a good life for him, but because of the household situation/family medical responsibilities, it's all she can do.
Julia is tortured by the idea of giving them up. She says that when she is able to sit with them, they look at her with such love in their eyes. But that is also the reason she knows she can't keep them in this limbo of a life.
PLEASE, someone help these cats! They need someone willing to give them the time and attention they deserve, and they need someone who will not abandon them when the going gets tough.
contact:Julia  404-625-4115 (at
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Message from Julia:
I take care of 3 disabled family members and work full time.  The demands of all these responsibilities means I do not have time to appropriately take care of the cats. Sometimes it is all I can do to just give them food and water.  They need and deserve more attention than I can give at this point.  I have developed an allergy to cats that some days is just overwhelming.  It has been a very difficult and heartbreaking decision to allow my beauties to be adopted and move to a loving home where they can get the attention they long for.  These beautiful and sweet babies deserve a better life than I can give them.  Please help Boudreaux and Belle! 
Boudreaux ABeare:
12 years old, born 7/28/02
altered male Blue Point Ragdoll
Belle Les Feete:
12 years old, born 6/24/02
altered female Seal Point mitted Ragdoll