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Illinois: West Hancock Canine Rescue - Letter from Anissa Sadeghi - What a year, 2014....Thank you!!

From: "Anissa Sadeghi" <>
Date: Dec 31, 2014 5:08 PM
Subject: WHCR-What a year, 2014....Thank you!!

2014--Happy New Year to all WHCR supporters, adopters, rescues, volunteer transporters,
crossposters and sponsors!! We wanted to thank everyone for the teamwork, without all the effort, none of these wonderful animals below would have been saved.
Reflecting on the past year comes with gratitude and appreciation!!
We have pictured some of our amazing k9's that are so happy to be alive today.
Together, I am confident we can continue to save lives. Please consider making a tax deductable donation before '14 comes to an end.  There are several ways to donate to help us help save them, our PayPal address is, WHCR P.O. Box 288 Hamilton, IL 62341 or a direct donation to our vet clinic 217-847-3911
Current dogs in need:
Ralphie, male foxhound mix, 1-2yrs old, 45lbs, fine with other dogs, super sweet!!Sammy, male husky mix, 1yrold, 50lbs, good with other dogs, very sweet and mellow.Ruby, 1yr old lab/golden mix, female, lots of energy, great with other dogs, very social girl!!Tommy, male beagle, 2yrs old, very social and outgoing, around 15-20lbs, loves everyone!!Sally, female beagle mix, 3-4yrs old, 20lbs, very sweet girl, calm and mellow.Blitzen, female border collie, 1-2yrs old, very nice and sweet!
***Keokuk, Iowa: Animal control***
Donald and Dennis are brothers ... maybe not quite 1 year They have large paws. Dennis must have Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed in because he has a prominent ridge displayed on his back as you can see in the picture. Donald does not have a ridge.  Maybe they are each 35-40 lbs?

Heidi - female black lab mix ... approx. 6 months ... 40 lbs?
***Kahoka, MO:***
Jackson, male 1yr old lab mix. Calm, mellow and fine with other dogs.Baxter, English Shep mix, 7yrs old, neutered and housebroke.Bella, 7yrs old, breeder release but super sweet and social.  Very mellow!

  Squirt had surgery today!  Funds were raised and we were able to quickly get him scheduled.  They surgery went well and was successful in getting the stones (pictured above) removed.  He is hospitalized right now on pain meds, but will go back to his foster home tomorrow.  The stones were sent off to the lab but his diet will have to be modified, other than that, he will make a full recovery and we will be looking for an adopter/rescue for him.  Right now, we are just very grateful for your help and support to get this guy the care he needs.  Thank you!  Anissa-WHCR
Miniature Female 10/5/08 Toy  Male  4/20/08  Female Pomeranian 5/09/07  Female Toy Fox Terrier  9/22/08 Male Chihuahua 6/24/08  all breeder releases
Storm has a sad story, his owner who placed him with us is dying of cancer, however, he was not a good owner at all to Storm.  Storm suffered many beatings and abuse, only fed table food randomly and we were told one of the times, Storm was beaten so badly he couldn't walk for a week!!  This boy guy is 10 yrs old, amazingly sweet and affectionate, it's heartbreaking how forgiving he is.  He is thin but otherwise in ok health all things considered.  Thanks to a wonderful sponsor, he has his vetting (neutered, vaccinations and heartworm NEG).  He is in boarding and we can't continue to pay for him to stay there so please give this ole' guy a chance for a wonderful life that he deserves.
Stray dog in Hamilton, IL hit by car around 10:30pm Wed 7-16.  Katherine :( was found stray and animal control was called to pick her up.  You would think someone would be worried about this poor girl…but she is in horrible shape, 12+years old, very little vision and hearing, matted flea infested coat when she came in to the pound.  She is a tiny underweight girl, 7lbs.  Heartbreaking!!  Told my aco, I WILL FIND help for her!!
     Sophie She is a year old, chi/cairn terrier, around 5-10lbs.  Signed her over because she said she is too hyper. 
Carthage, IL: Hancock County Dog Pound. Kill shelter URGENT!!!
 $85.00 sponsorship (Henderson County, IL) Moose is a 6ish year old male shepherd mix. KAHOKA MO: All dogs below are also in need of rescue!! , they will be euthanized.  Contact if you can help save one of these great dogs! 
OWNER SURRENDER! 5 yr old male neutered Pom mix, Khan10yo fem Maltese10y Maltese breeder release
 8yo f spayed chi breeder release8 month old male hound, stray2yo m chi breeder release
2 female bichons, 8yrs old breeder releasemale bichon 8yrs old, breeder release2 female shihtzus, 8yrs old, breeder releases
We also have eight chihuahuas-(1) male chi age 6 yrs     breeder released
                                                         (1) male chi age 7 yrs     breeder released
                                                         (2) male chi age 4 yrs     breeder released
                                                         (2) female chi age 6 yrs  breeder released
                                                         (2) female chi age 7 yrs  breeder released
Hamilton, IL: Both dogs are heartworm positive and we are desperately trying to raise the money to help cover their boarding for a month at the vet clinic and their heartworm treatment.  Please if you can help, contact our vet at Hancock Vet Clinic 217-847-3911.  Just with these 2 boys, their vetting/treatment/boarding will cost over $1,000.  PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!  Henry is scheduled this morning for his first treatment!! We need donations please!SPONSORS STILL NEEDED, please…with boarding charges for the past month, his neuter, vaccinations and his heartworm treatment, his bill is over $600!!  Please help us help him!!   Poor Henry is the "chain grown in neck" boy from Carthage last month.  He is completely healed now but is heartworm positive.  I have him in boarding and desperately need help with his ongoing expenses!!  He is an amazing boy, loves everyone and is finally enjoying life off the chain.  Buddy, male beagle mix, 1yr old, 30lbs. Super sweet and well behaved, loves everyone!  Heartworm positive!  With boarding, vaccinations and treatment, his vet bill will be over $500.
Delta, male Siberian husky
2 boston terriers 2-5 yrs. old. 1 male one female. 2 female maltese   09, 10, 5 yr, old female black lab.2 yr, old chespeake male, not working out for hunting, gun shy. 3 female bichons  3-6 yrs. old. 7 yr. old male yorkie 1 male toy poodle  D.O.B. 1/14/08 1 female toy 12/20/06 male large miniature poodle3/3/11 1 female large miniature poodle 11/8/08 1 male pomeranian  D.O.B.  4/25/13 he is large  black/white parti 1 female pomeranian 7/9/06 female chihuahua 7/22/04 Shihtzu male 6yrs 2 female Shihtzus 8yrs old ("still act as if they are pups, they are silly dogs") 2 female crest mix bichon female lhasa apso female tea poodle female yorkie male chi male
yorkie poo golden
2 male mix puppies, 3 months old. dhpp given.
Sid and Casey, both little parvo positive girls along with a 3rd puppy who died shortly after coming in, where found abandoned and brought to our vet clinic.  They have been hospitalized all weekend long, iv fluids, antibiotics, anti vomiting meds and lots of fluids.  I am praying the worst is over but we are left with several hundreds of dollars in vetting costs trying to save them.
Harrison was picked up stray last Wed and on Friday afternoon my aco called saying his kennel at the pound was full of blood but he didn't know where is was coming from.  I headed out to the pound and again, his kennel after being cleaned was full of fresh blood. After I checked him out, I discovered he is peeing/dripping blood constantly and a lot of it!  His gums were pale and he could hardly pick his head up off the kennel floor at this point.  He was covered in blood and urine!!  I scooped him up and headed to our vet clinic with him.  After a completely blood chemistry workup, his kidneys were almost acutely completely shut down.  Believing he must have ingested rat poison, even the whites of his eyes are red from blood!  He is also being hospitalized and being treated all weekend at our vet clinic.  Very touch and go with him and he will have more blood work tomorrow and continued hospitalization/treatment.
Henry-City Aco called me asking for help with this poor boy who he picked up Friday night with his chain cable embedded in this neck which required surgery to removed….URGH!!!!  He is such a sweet boy, I can't understand why someone didn't notice this!!  The smell was awful and he was in serious pain.  He is now chain free and on antibiotics and pain meds and also hospitalized!! 
Kahoka, MO: housed outside
Seniors dumped in freezing temps in horrible shape!
This poor pair of seniors were dumped at the pound's drop off pen last week when the overnight temp was -4!! 
Redford, male houndx, older possibly 8+ :( Riley was dumped at our pound last week.   Breeder release (THE GIRLS LOVE DOG BEDS!)UPDATE: Adopted and lived out the rest of her days as a sofa dog! RIP Annie   Hamilton, IL: Annie was running down the middle of hwy 136 stray. She is a sweet temperamental girl, good with everyone, just wants to enjoy her golden years. 
Hamilton, IL: 18 dogs today!!!  EMERGENCY HELP NEEDED ASAP!!!
I have seen a lot in my 13 yrs of doing animal rescue but this situation really leaves me heartbroken………………..
All dogs above have been safely placed with rescue groups……We took in 18 dogs from an horrible home situation, they were owned by a 73 yr old man whose wife just went into a nursing home.  These poor souls lived in sm crates throughout their house.  He agreed to let us take custody of them and I consider myself a pretty thick skinned kinda of gal,  but honest to God, these poor dogs are about as miserable as it gets.  Some so stained with urine, their hair is yellow and OMG the smell!!  Their nails are curled into their pads of their feet. Yet, we got tail wags and kisses…tears…sigh…..We don't have a shelter building and all are at our vet clinic tonight.  I am begging for help here everyone, we don't have the resources to care for this many dogs at one time on top of the others that we have right now.  It was a very difficult decision to take them all in right now but he wouldn't let them to anyone else, and no one knew how bad they were until they got brought to our vet clinic.  The Hancock Vet Clinic has offered to let them board at half the rate per day but they also will need their exam and rabies as well as bordetella and dhpp's. 
At least 10 of the 18 are in critical need of shave downs.  I am begging for sponsors to help with their care, even $5 will help, PLEASE PLEASE contact our
vet clinic directly 217-847-3911 Hancock Vet Clinic 1930 Keokuk St Hamilton, IL 62341 or we have a paypal account
(the clinic opens at 7:30am-5pm). With boarding, vaccinations, grooms, we are estimating $75/dog.   
We are counting on your help to help save these very deserving dogs!
sponsoring saves lives

Anissa Sadeghi-West Hancock Canine Rescue
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