Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Middle GA area: Extremely URGENT Dogs! Most have $$$. Some may die today, some tomorrow. Some neutered/spayed already.

From: Katie Walter <>
Date: Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 8:49 AM
Subject: Middle GA area - VERY URGENT!! - URGENT Dogs!! - Most have $$ - The ones left behind are still in need!!

*CONTACT: Charli at: 770-584-3655, Email:         (at
OR GCRR at: 478-271-4277.   

From: Hope4dogs
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 6:40 AM
- Middle GA area - URGENT dogs!! - Most have $$ - The ones left behind are still in need!! 

These are the amazing dogs left behind that may die today!  If you can take one let Charli know ASAP!! 

YOU can call me too if you cannot reach her at 904-797-9402.  Good sponsorships! 


From: Charli Stinson []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:43 PM
Middle GA area - URGENT dogs many have $$$ the ones left behind still in need

These are all of the dogs and puppies that are still in need of rescue, before Thursday am.  All mamas and other litters and small dogs have been rescued.

These kids are all in a local animal control.  There hold times are up and they are in urgent need of rescue. 

We have pull set up for out of state rescues, we have low cost vetting and low cost boarding available to rescues if needed.  We can help with some short transport.  

If you can save any of these kids, please contact me ASAP, as time is very short.

Thank you,

*CONTACT: Charli at: 770-584-3655, Email:         (at
OR GCRR at: 478-271-4277.

A litter of 6 Bird Dog pups, 10 weeks old, mixed sexes.
Only set of pups that has not been rescued.     $50 SPONSOR.

$250 sponsor EACH + free boarding for a week.
2 female, mixes, one black with white and one blue, adults, they came in together, picked up as stays, both sweet and loving.

$50.00 each sponsor.
These 2 girls came together; don't think from the same litter.
One is a small, brown, female, young adult, came in very, very skinny, but with steady food she has gained weight.
The other is a medium, female, young adult.  Both girls are very friendly and happy to see everyone

Teddy - $100 SPONSOR.
Black and Tan, medium hair mix, approx, 45 to 50 lbs, female, around 1 year old.
She looks like a big Teddy Bear, sweet and good with the other dogs.

Lab/Aussie mix, male, around 1 year, very happy fellow.   $100 SPONSOR.

Lab/Hound mix, male, around 1 year old.   A very happy guy!

Pointer mix, male, 1 year old, energetic.

Yellow Lab mix, male, 2 years old.

Yellow Lab mix, male, already neutered, 2 years old.

Shepherd mix, female, 1 year old.   Very sweet and playful.   $100 SPONSOR.  Still have her Christmas outfit on also.


$50.00 sponsor
Rottie mix, male, 5 years old.

Beautiful American Bull mix, male, already neutered, young adult.

$100 sponsor -Shepherd, female, 4 years old, already spayed.  Lost home due to being over protective.  Not sure what that means.