Monday, January 19, 2015

N. Paulding, GA - EXTRA Urgent! Dementia patient's cat in danger!

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Date: Jan 19, 2015 1:20 PM
Subject: N. Paulding, GA - EXTRA Urgent! Dementia patient's cat in danger!
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A lady named Julie called today, very upset. She actually took this girl, named Tigger, to the vet's to be euthanized, but the vet talked her into not doing it just yet, thank goodness.  Though Julie did not go through with it today, Tigger will be euthanized soon if rescue is not found.
Here's the story:
2 years ago, Julie's husband was diagnosed with dementia (early onset Alzheimer's), and within a few weeks of this, Tigger's behavior began to change. She started marking. It's not a medical issue (vet ruled it out), and is most likely because of what's going on in the household. 
I asked if there was anything the husband was doing that might be causing this. Julie could not come right out and tell me directly because he was listening to the conversation, so I asked questions, and she answered. I asked, "Is he being mean to her?" She said, "A little". I asked, "Is he hitting her?" She said, "No." I asked is he yelling at her. She went silent. She said she doesn't know what goes on when she isn't home. I'm sure that Julie's stress level is also part of the equation.
Julie says she has tried everything, that the atmosphere in the household is not good, and because of that, the behavior will continue. Julie says it is directly related to the time when her husband was diagnosed, and that up until then, they had NEVER had an issue. She feels that in another environment, Tigger will be fine.  So this is just a case of an unfortunate circumstance. No one's fault. The only thing that can be done now is to get Tigger out of there. She really doesn't have much time.
Tigger is 10 years old, spayed, up to date on vaccines, and combo tested. All records available.
If you can help, please contact Julie immediately: