Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Polk County, FL: URGENT! Many sad, owner-surrendered DOGS Need IMMEDIATE RESCUE! Many ARE small dogs.

From: Katie Walter <katie.walter@att.net>
Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 10:28 AM
Subject: Polk County, FL - Please post!! - Animals Needing Rescue! - 1/12/15 - POLK CO. - SO SAD!! OWNER SURRENDERS!!

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Animals Needing Rescue 1/12/15

*Please respond to: animalrescue@polksheriff.org        (at      polksheriff.org).

  A448832 - "Ginger" - Owner Surrendered.  Spayed female Lab mix.  Owner was moving and could not take.  She was surrendered with A495458, A554452 and A781003.  Timid, not mean, scared.

  A495458 - "Ebony" - Owner Surrendered.  Spayed, female Dachshund mix.  Owner was moving and could not take.   She was surrendered with A448832, A554452 and A781003.   Timid, cautious, not mean.

  A554452 - "Duchess" - Owner Surrendered Spayed female Dachshund mix.  Owner was moving and could not take.  She was surrendered with A448832, A495458 and A781003. Timid, not mean, scared.

  A740382 - "Buddy" - Male Adult Chihuahua Mix - Owner surrendered; owner could not afford to take care of the dog.   Timid, not mean, scared. 

  "Precious" - Spayed Dachshund LH mix, 8.6 pounds, from a cruelty case.  Heartworm snap test negative senior dog, hairloss spot, w/ flaking on dorsum, severe periodontal disease, tartar, gingivitis and missing teeth, left upper canine missing--created fistula to sinus.  Very sweet and friendly!

  A780204 - Male Dachshund mix, picked up as a stray, timid.

  A780399 - Male Senior Chihuahua.  Picked up as a stray.  Severe periodontal disease, missing teeth, mostly blind, heart murmur; grad II-III  3.5 pounds, sweet.

  A780661 - "Coco- Owner surrendered.  Female Lab/Pit mix, very sweet, calm.  Owner said she was hard to keep in the yard.  She is less than a year old according to the owner.

  A780810 - Adult male, Schnauzer Min, found as a stray.  Heartworm Positive, cryptorchid, right ear; severe, chronic ear infection, left ear; canal scarred, could barely get into canal, periodontal disease, older dog, licks feet, suspect food allergy, 23 pounds.

  A780818 - "Cohete" - Female Adult Chihuahua mix.  Owner surrendered; owner moving and can't take with her.  Good with other dogs, housebroken, likes people.  Heartworm snap test positive, very friendly, 11.3 pounds.

  A780827 - Male Beagle Mix, picked up as a stray.  Friendly!


  A780908 - Male Bassett mix, short legs, heart worm positive, friendly.

  A781012 - Male Chihuahua mix, picked up as a stray with A781110, very friendly.

  A781110 - Male Cur mix - Picked up as a stray with A781012. Friendly, blue eyes.

  A781352 - Female puppy Lab mix, 19.7 pounds.  Picked up as a stray.  Injury to left hock, pocket distal to wound, very malnourished, splayed feet, overgrown nails.  Four months old, heart and lungs clear, thin BCS 4/5 (Tufts), Very sweet!

  A781491 - Chance, male adult Lab/Cur mix.  Owner surrendered because owner moved and could not take with him.  Very friendly!

  A781522 - Male black Dachshund puppy.  Generalized hair loss, scrape positive for demodex.  Came in as a stray.  Very sweet!!

  A780632 - Cracker Feet - Owner surrendered - Female cur puppy, BCS 4/5 (tufts) pot bellied, severe flea infestation, hair thin on top of head; skin scrape negative.  Very sweet and playful.

  A781003 - "Searafina" - Owner Surrendered - Spayed female Chihuahua mix.  Owner was moving and could not take.  She was surrendered with A448832, A495458, and A554452.