Monday, February 16, 2015

San Diego to Grass Valley CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Charlie the Wonderful Chow mix

Charlie was rescued end January by a 501(c)3 organization in the Sacramento area. He is available for adoption now and his Petfinder page with glorious new photos is at:
If you would like to support Chows Plus Rescue with a PayPal gift, please send to "friends & family" to
You may designate your gift for Charlie or for general funds. Or click on the handy donate button on their website:
Thank you to all who are helping Charlie.
1/15/15 POST

CONTACT Melissa Dunaj
 Alternative Placement Specialist
Escondido Campus
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA 
cell 760.519.6802

Charlie doesn’t have an web page with the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA due to the fact that he is not available for adoption. His trainer with the Humane Society confirmed yesterday that he has made progress, but he is still difficult in a medical setting. Therefore he is under behavior modification and seeking rescue. He wouldn’t be able to be adopted from the Humane Society without going through a rescue. They are hoping with some more behavior modification that he will eventually be posted as Available for Adoption, but not currently.

Here is a little Bio on Charlie written by Melissa Dunaj 1/15/15:

Charlie came to us as an owner surrender. A older gentleman and his wife walked into our lobby very distraught about what they needed to do. Their son had passed away and even though they tried, they knew that they were unable to care for his active dog. With heavy hearts, tears in their eyes, and a bag of his favorite “dollies” they handed Charlie’s leash to us. Charlie’s first few days with us were rough. He wouldn’t let medical reach towards his head without jumping backwards. Since then he has made great progress; our trainers have been working with him and they report that he is a wonderful dog. After getting used to his surroundings he will follow you around the yard and stand near you for pets.  Charlie has now had a full exam, and the vets were able to give him vaccines and determined that he has mild entropian. Charlie is very bouncy and happy outside and loves his walks! He will make somebody a fantastic best friend like he did for the son of the grieving couple.